Sunday, March 23, 2003

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WORTH REPEATING: Mickey Kaus says

WORTH REPEATING: Mickey Kaus says something on the utility of the Blogosphere to punditry that's worth remembering:

"As a contributor to the fast-paced world of Internet journalism, you have to discipline yourself to go off half-cocked. You can mull over your initial impressions, testing them against available evidence over the course of weeks, slowly coming to a conclusion. Or you can go with your best instinct and change your mind later if you're wrong! The first route maybe works if you're David Broder (at least it's what David Broder seems to do). The second route works best for everyone else -- especially on the Web, where the clash of all those insta-takes gets to the truth in about a thousandth of the time it takes a Broder to pronounce judgment. 'First impression, best impression,' as Allen Ginsberg might say." (Kaus' emphasis)

As Glenn would say, "Indeed."

posted by Dan on 03.23.03 at 12:37 PM