Wednesday, August 6, 2003

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Jerry just picked the wrong race

Jerry Springer has decided not to run for the U.S. Senate seat in Ohio currently held by George Voinovich. Here's his explanation, according to Bloomberg:

"I fully recognize that as long as I am doing this show and don't have that separation, that message is not going to get through,'' Springer said. "What was becoming clear is that whatever I said always came back to me."

Contrast this with Mickey Kaus' recent observation about the California gubenatorial recall ellection:

The source of the recall's appeal appears to be similar to the source of a PowerBall lottery's appeal or American Idol's appeal: Anyone can play. .... Who needs the American Candidate reality show, which would bring the American Idol model to politics? This is a real American Candidate, and it's creating a powerful argument for lowering the filing requirements in all elections, so hundreds of citizens can run.

Poor Jerry -- if only he was from a state that understood him.

You know, October is a sweeps month... perhaps taking his show on a trip to Cali would be in the offing?

Just trying to make mischief....

UPDATE: Imagine the following guests for a Springer visit to California:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gary Coleman
Larry Flynt
Porn star Mary Carey [What, no links?--ed. Don't get your hopes up.]
Georgy Russell

Of course, Arianna Huffington and Michael Huffington would probably merit their own show.

posted by Dan on 08.06.03 at 05:45 PM