Wednesday, December 31, 2003

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More on illicit arms

Until Blogger gets its act together, I'm posting here. So, without further ado.....

Part two of the L.A. Times investigative report on sanctions-busting arms transfer to Iraq is now online. This part focuses mainly on the Polish connection.

A complaint -- at one point the story says:

In Poland, the arms merchants ended up focusing on a new member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and one of the relatively few European countries to support the Bush administration's war plan. (emphasis added)

The LAT's memory is faulty -- in the run-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the number of European governments that supported U.S. policy in Iraq was much larger than the conventional wisdom remembers.

posted by Dan on 12.31.03 at 01:03 PM


Typical. Off the top of my head, I recall Britain, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Czchek Rep, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands (I think), the 3 Baltic states, and probably some others.

posted by: Lloyd on 12.31.03 at 01:13 PM [permalink]

Speaking of faulty memory...

At home this morning and caught the Today Show's 2003 'end of the year' montage.

Images and sound set to music - you know the drill, and this one on a month by month break-down.

Wife let out a squeal when the 'December' graphic came up. Why?

Not a single frame about the POTUS visit to Iraq.

Surprised? I'd like to say not really, but c'mon. Yeah, a little. Given the context, did NBC not just 'say' that the trip never happened?

Unintentional oversight? I think not. At it's conclusion, Matt thanks no fewer than 6 people for putting the thing together - a good 6-9 minutes worth - then goes straight to comercial.

Curious if any of the other networks were seen by anyone else here today. Got a party, but I'll be recording the evening world's tonight.

Happy New year and Pax Vobiscum

posted by: tommyg on 12.31.03 at 01:53 PM [permalink]

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