Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Someone keep Fleet Street away from Bill Clinton

So by now everyone knows that Bill Clinton thinks the American press corps is in the bag for Barack Obama. Indeed, I suspect that in their heart of hearts, more pundits and reporters like Obama than Clinton (though, as Chris Matthews pointed out a few weeks ago, what they really like is a never-ending horse race).

Still, despite the possible bias on these shores, I can't imagine any major American newspaper having the following lede for their story:

Seventeen months after she sat regally in her New York living room and calmly declared: Im in and Im in to win, Hillary Clinton stands on a stage in a stifling hot shed in South Dakota, coughing and spluttering, as her daughter, Chelsea, grabs the microphone from her hand to take over the show.

A long campaign, the former First Lady chokes out between sips of water. Her husband, red-faced and exhausted and having just apologised for another angry outburst in front of reporters looks on wistfully at the final rally of his wifes presidential bid, an endeavour that has been transformed from an inevitable juggernaut into a costly train wreck.

So,for those of you interested in Bill Clinton's continued good health, I'd recommend not showing him any of the Fleet Street covers tomorrow AM.

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