Wednesday, September 25, 2002

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Globalization fatigue

Great Washington Post story on the current mood of pro-globalization thinkers. The money grafs:

Globalization's staunch defenders point to evidence indicating that countries are well advised to open their markets. Studies by two World Bank researchers, David Dollar and Art Kraay, show that the developing world's "globalizers" -- defined as countries that have increased trade the most relative to their national income -- have enjoyed much faster growth in recent years than non-globalizers.

But many economists find this argument unpersuasive, because it relies on including two giant, fast-growing countries -- China and India -- in the ranks of the globalizers, even though both the Chinese and Indian governments keep
their economies closed in many important respects, and India's growth spurt
began several years before it started opening up. "The irony is, China and
India are hardly paradigmatic open-market economies," said Nancy Birdsall,
president of the Center for Global Development and a former official at the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

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It may be time to prepare for the post-Gobalization era. It seems that those who never did the walk do all the talk. The workers involved who do the walk have no voice in the matter and elite groupings control their lives outside any real democratic process. Free Trade and Globalization is now at least ten years old and demonstrates one failure after another. Free Trade is not really trade at all. If one checks any history book index, they will find that there is really no connection with trade as history and tradition defines trade. Free Trade is not based on products per se but it is primarlily based on moving factories, production and outsourcing jobs to cheaper and cheaper labor markets. As this happens, burn out communities and societies are left behind. Nations find that it is more and more difficult to support all the social economic entitlements built over the years. It is a race to the bottom with the real commodity of the new world economy being human beings and not products.
Workers are put on a world trading block to compete with the destitute workers of the world and even wage slaves and child labor. Workers as consumers need cheaper and cheaper products to survive and are shop their way out of their jobs. It is a no win situation.
In the process, the USA finds it needs to protect its interest across the globe and other nations see this as old fasion colonialism and even imperialism In the end Free Trade and Globalism breeds terrorism and wars.
View the Cross 9-11 Tangle of Terror artwork by Ray Tapajna asking who will now untangle the terror Globalism and Free Trade have bred at Tapart Real News and Art that Talks at View also the American Dream is Burning art featured in top newspaper story at Read America in Terror by Chuck Harder, worldwide radio host of For the People, House of Cards economy by Paul Donovan from the National Steelworkers Magazine and the Silent Depression by Ray Tapajna. (or just search on Tapart News)

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