Tuesday, August 12, 2003

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Who's the target of the warning shot?

Today's Chicago Tribune has an interview with David Brooks, who's a University of Chicago alumnus. The interview is worth reading, but what intrigued me was this quote from the lead-in:

Recently, Brooks was named to the stable of op-ed page writers for The New York Times, where in September he will begin writing a column twice a week. Gail Collins, editorial page editor of the Times, said Brooks will "bring all kinds of wonderful flavors" to the page.

"We look for someone who can add something different, and someone who is likely to develop a strong and distinctive voice," added Collins. "I was not looking for somebody who would be shrill or who would put people off. He's an inclusive writer. He makes people want to read him. That's a rare gift." (emphasis added)

Now, to whom could Collins be referring? Knowing the Times, it's probably the likes of Ann Coulter, or the writers who populate these op-ed pages.

Or, could it perhaps be someone in Collins' own workplace? Someone who's... well... dipped into the well of shrillness, shall we say?

[Probably not--ed. Killjoy.]

posted by Dan on 08.12.03 at 11:20 AM


Boy, if Krugman is your definition of shrill. . .

posted by: John on 08.12.03 at 11:20 AM [permalink]

Why don't you leave the silly "PK is shrill" arguments for the many fools on the web that love to post that. Most of which don't even understand what he writes.

No need to add to the list.

posted by: GT on 08.12.03 at 11:20 AM [permalink]

She's probably just making a commercial judgment: she has a liberal readership who will happily read shrill, partisan liberals, but will tolerate only generous, temperate, civil conservatives. I think that's a sound judgment, and Brooks is perfect for them.

Now that the NYT has found a strong house conservative, it's time for the Wall Street Journal to find a better house liberal than Al Hunt.

posted by: pj on 08.12.03 at 11:20 AM [permalink]

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