Saturday, August 16, 2003

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Gonna be a fun race!!

Looks like Mr. Schwarzenegger is going to have to articulate his issue positions if he wants to be elected governor. From the Washington Post:

The California Field Poll found 25 percent of registered voters opted for Bustamante followed by 22 percent for Schwarzenegger.

The other candidates trailed in single digits: State Sen. Tom McClintock took 9 percent; businessman Bill Simon won 8 percent; former baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth received 5 percent; all three are Republicans. Independent and columnist Arianna Huffington got 4 percent, and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo received 2 percent.

The seeming surge for Bustamante despite the avalanche of publicity surrounding Schwarzenegger surprised many....

Bill Carrick, a top Democratic strategist, said given all the media attention devoted to Schwarzenegger, he thought the film star would still be out front, adding that perhaps Schwarzenegger's reluctance to state his views and his choices of advisers are sending mixed messages to voters. "After the initial entertainment of his announcement there's been a lot of concern whether he is a serious candidate and where he stands on the issues," Carrick said.

That's good spin, but it's also true. Somehow I don't think Rob Lowe is going to be of much help on this one.

Meanwhile, Alan K. Henderson is not thrilled with Warren Buffet's role in the Schwarzenegger campaign. Robert Tagorda thinks it's much ado about nothing.

This poll is excellent news for Californians. Not because Bustamate would be a good governor or because Schwarzenegger wourld be a bad governor -- I have no idea. It's good because instead of A.S. walking away with the race, there will be a real competition, which is going to force both candidates into articulating their positions.

[Hey, a Cali post and you didn't link to Mickey Kaus once?--ed. I doubt that will happen on a regular basis.]

posted by Dan on 08.16.03 at 12:52 AM


'The California Field Poll found 25 percent of registered voters opted for Bustamante followed by 22 percent for Schwarzenegger'.

Well within the 5% margin of error and if one of the three Republicans drop out he's probably won. But what makes me think he's going to win is the effort the BBC are making to criticise him,

posted by: Ral on 08.16.03 at 12:52 AM [permalink]

My gut tells me that Grayout isn't going to survive the recall (politically) and that whoever takes his place isn't going to win re-election so getting beaten in Recall, Part Deux isn't necessarily a bad thing if what you're really doing is pointing towards the next general election.

posted by: JSAllison on 08.16.03 at 12:52 AM [permalink]

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