Wednesday, August 20, 2003

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Welcome to the blogroll

I've added three new blogs to the roll. The first one was long overdue -- Tom Maguire's Just One Minute.

The second is Eric Zorn's new j-blog for the Chicago Tribune, which has a great title, Breaking Views. This column provides Eric's raison d'etre for the blog. He writes mostly about Chicago issues, but occasionally looks into foreign affairs.

The third is John Scalzi's new blog for AOL, entitled By the Way. [That name sounds familiar--ed. Scalzi also blogs here.] He now joins the very small ranks of people who earn a living by blogging. According to this page on John's personal web site, AOL fired him back in 1998; his new job must be some form of karmic payback.

By the Way is part of the new "AOL Journals" campaign to enter the blogosphere in grand fashion -- click here and here for background. In John's first live post for AOL, he explains his ambassadorial role:

My job is also to keep AOL Journalers connected with what's going on with AOL Journals, both on the technical side (the AOL Journals tool you use to post entries) and in the emerging community surrounding AOL Journals. And let's not forget the larger blogging and journaling community that already exists out there ("The Blogosphere," as it is generally known). We're now a part of that, too. So when you have questions, comments and observations about any of it, just let me know.

Welcome aboard!!

posted by Dan on 08.20.03 at 08:31 PM


Thanks very much. That is quite an impressive blogroll, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Have a great weekend.

posted by: Tom Maguire on 08.20.03 at 08:31 PM [permalink]

Thanks also for the addition. To be clear, however, I'm not abandoning my own site; I'll merely be updating there less frequently (and probably writing longer pieces that would be impractical to put into the AOL space).

I was in fact fired from AOL (it was actually a "layoff" but since it was of just one person, let's call it for what it was), but I don't know if this constitutes karmic payback, since a week after I was laid off AOL hired me back as a consultant (the layoff was due to some weird accounting thing), and I've been consulting with the company on and off ever since -- this is also technically a consulting gig. It also allowed me to write books and do other stuff.

So, ironically, even though I was fired from the place lo those many years ago, I have always had a positive relationship with AOL, which only got better once I left the company. And of course, at the moment, I'm feeling quite positive about the company.

posted by: John Scalzi on 08.20.03 at 08:31 PM [permalink]

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