Monday, August 25, 2003

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Bias here, bias there, bias bias everywhere!!

Back in January, Hugh Hewitt wrote about the East Coast bias that exists in the inculcation of new pundits. This week, is furiously debating whether there is an East Coast bias in sports coverage. Eric Neel and David Schoenfield say yes; Jeff Merron says no.

As someone who's lived and worked in all four continental time zones, the only thing I have to add is that every region outside the East Coast feels aggrieved.

The Left Coasters aren't taken seriously by the East Coast.

Neither coast pays attention to the Midwest or the Rocky Mountain regions, unless they're changing planes at O'Hare or figuring out a way to ski in Aspen.

And, of course, the only thing the residents in these regions have in common is their comfortable stereotypes about the South.

OK, I'm exaggerating a bit. But for those who believe that regional affinities don't count in the United States, check out Peter Trubowitz's excellent book, Defining the National Interest: Conflict and Change in American Foreign Policy , which argues that different alignments of regional interests explain variations in U.S. foreign policy.

posted by Dan on 08.25.03 at 10:05 PM


We are all victims now. No matter who you are or what you think or where you live, the media's biased against you. We should all go on Oprah and tell our stories, if she's not too biased to allow our points of view to be heard. (c:

posted by: uh_clem on 08.25.03 at 10:05 PM [permalink]

Just check out how many national championships Stanford has! Boo-yah!

posted by: John "Elway" Lemon on 08.25.03 at 10:05 PM [permalink]

Thanks for the book reference - one of the secret pleasures of blogs.

posted by: Tom Holsinger on 08.25.03 at 10:05 PM [permalink]

Along these lines there's also "The Nine Nations of North America" by Joel Garreau. The nine distinct cultural, political and economic regions Garreau identifies fit better today than they did in the late-70s, when the book was written.

posted by: Jay McKinnon on 08.25.03 at 10:05 PM [permalink]

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