Thursday, September 4, 2003

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Playing with the big boys over at the Hotline

Politics junkies know that the source for good inside-the-Beltway info is the Hotline, put out by the National Journal group. Today's Hotline has a review of campaign blogs from Mickey Kaus, Joshua Michah Marshall, and yours truly. Here's the link -- I'll just post the choicest quotes about each of the individual campaign blogs:

  • Dennis Kucinich: "Anyone who liked this blog probably also believes that Gigli is the feel-good hit of the summer."

  • John Kerry: "Overall, a little dull." [That's the best you can do?--ed. That's the most exciting thing I could find -- kind of a metaphor, really].

  • Howard Dean: "The form of the blog is awesome, and the constant stream of posts impressed me.... [but] at times it was like reading the transcript to a PBS pledge drive."

  • Bob Graham: "There were posts on it... that looked like they were written by a real blogger, with links to news stories and the Graham campaign's take on them. Then there were posts that seem a bit random -- just like a real blog!!"
  • Go check out the whole thing. Not surprisingly, Kaus and Marshall make excellent points.

    UPDATE: For Hotline readers clicking over here to check out, click here and here to see my take on the foreign policy positions of the major Democratic contenders.

    posted by Dan on 09.04.03 at 02:33 PM


    Well, OK, but $25 for a single day's access is a little steep. I'm afraid I'm going to miss out on this.

    Ah, but you probably just mooch off a university subscription, don't you?

    posted by: Kevin Drum on 09.04.03 at 02:33 PM [permalink]

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