Friday, September 5, 2003

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Karl Rove's dream voter


Britney Spears has waded into the deep areas of kissing Madonna and the war with Iraq in an interview with Crossfire's Tucker Carlson. Let me just reprint this Yahoo! Launch story in full:

In a truly bizarre interview pairing, pop princess Britney Spears sat down for an interview Wednesday (September 3) with CNN's conservative political pundit Tucker Carlson. Wearing what appeared to be a blonde wig with red streaks, and chomping on a piece of gum, Spears answered questions ranging from her now-infamous kiss with Madonna, to her view of the war in Iraq.

The youthful-looking Carlson, wearing his trademark bow-tie, asked Spears about the kiss with Madonna onstage last week during MTV's Music Video Awards show. Spears said, "I didn't know it was going to be that long and everything," explaining that during rehearsal Madonna had told her they'd just play it by ear during the performance. She also said that she'd never kissed a woman before, and wouldn't again--unless it's Madonna.

Carlson then steered the interview to politics, asking Spears if she'd supported the war in Iraq. Spears answered, "Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that." She declared that she trusts President Bush, but when asked about the president's political future, Spears told Carlson that she doesn't know if he'll get re-elected. (emphasis added)

Now, I've supported the president on multiple policy fronts, but doesn't this seem a bit too.... er.... bubblegum as a form of political participation? I mean, compared to her advanced work in semiconductor physics, this is a bit of a letdown in intellectual quality.

Still, if I'm Karl Rove, I'm arranging a photo-op ASAP.

posted by Dan on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM


Indeed. Although, to be fair, I'd be willing to kiss Madonna--or even Britney--if it'll get Bush reelected.

posted by: James Joyner on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

There ya go. Take one for the Grand Old Party! Where do I sign up? :)

posted by: cannon on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Hmmm. Britney maybe, but not Madonna. What if our dentures locked? That'd be embarrassing.

posted by: McGehee on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Britney doesn't have to be smart about anything except selling Britney. I bet most of her fans are red county high school and junior high girls with Republican parents.

Just don't let her kiss W. The pictures would hurt him with his base.

posted by: Lexington Green on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Heck, if it would get the President reelected, I'd kiss Karl Rove.

posted by: Ryan Booth on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

What are you doing here, Daniel? Trolling for hits? (You got me!!!!)

posted by: Roger L. Simon on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

i don't think mr. drezner needs to troll for hits (he gets instalanched enough). his blog is emblematic of his teaching style: varying, well-informed, and fun. and come on, he digs salma hayek. did you seriously google +"britney spears" +"madonna" +"president" to see if nothing came up, roger, or looking for something to come up? ;)

i kid but we maroons gotta stick together. as if we had school spirit.

posted by: patrick on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Even *I* wouldn't kiss Madonna. And that's saying sumpin', folks!

posted by: Greg Hammers on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Where kissing Madonna is concerned, I follow the Cheap Trick advice: "Stay away, you never know what you'll catch."

posted by: Glenn Reynolds on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Instapundit a Cheap Trick fan!? That tips it; I'd be willing to kiss Reynolds to get Bush re-elected, hell, I'd even kiss Lileks, who, judging from that blog photo, has the most secure marriage in the midwest.

posted by: T. Marcell on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

I'd stoop so low as to kiss Hillary Clinton to get Bush re-elected. Top that!

posted by: Buster on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Hot three-way action with Janet Reno and Madeline Albright, to get Bush re-elected.

Everyone now go and disinfect your monitors.

posted by: Joe on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

I don't like where this trend in the comments section is heading. Please, in the name of all that is good, don't go there.

Think about the children. Oh, won't somebody please think about the children

posted by: Dan Drezner on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Children...look away:

Hot menage with me, Shalala and Mikulski!

posted by: politicaobscura on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

re comments by politicaobscura:

Oh. My. God.



posted by: Garrett on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Not even a Lisa Kudrow-esque triple "ew!" with extra flinching could do that one justice.

posted by: McGehee on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Great photo. But honestly, she is probably more informed about politics than 99% of the freshmen class here at Brown University.

posted by: Alex Carnevale on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

"...but doesn't this seem a bit too.... er.... bubblegum as a form of political participation?... a bit of a letdown in intellectual quality. "

You seem surprised that she made a bubbagum statement! She IS bubbagum!

She has her image and, ummmm...she has her image.

posted by: bj on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

I would certainly kiss Sean Penn if it meant George W. Bush were NOT elected (I don't say re-elected, because as we all know Al Gore was elected president in 2000). Send him back to Texas where he belongs. He's definitely the worst president ever.

posted by: Elmo on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

If Britney Spears is speaking ON BEHALF of our rocket scientist president, then, this should be a call to all with brains to RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!! Like hell!!!
Are you completely sure that she isn't some Barbie clone out of the fifties, that thinks that following your leaders blindly, no matter how foul, or criminal they are, is a GOOD thing? Sheesh. Oh yeah, I'll go to Britney for political advice anyday. Just like I'll vote for the Shrub this coming election---then again, why bother going to the polls? His buddies in high places will just steal the election again. God bless America, home of the free---handout--to the very rich and influential campaign contributors.
Bubbagum.yep. Just chew 'em up, and spit 'em out...those pesky liberal voters.

posted by: Lorenzo Schwartz on 09.05.03 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

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