Friday, September 5, 2003

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Robert Tagorda highlights Matt Welch's essay on blogs in the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review. I found this graf from Robert's post pretty funny:

I can only add that professional writers should consider regularly tapping academic blogs as useful resources. I remember, for instance, that the Las Vegas Review-Journal cited Eugene Volokh's posts on the Nevada Supreme Court. Perhaps other papers can turn to the likes of Brad DeLong, Juan Cole, Kieran Healy, Mark Kleiman, and Dan Drezner for their expert opinion (the last one, it seems, can even give paparazzi a pointer or two about Hollywood sex goddesses!). To be sure, academic blogs make up just part of the blogosphere. But for journalists, these blogs probably belong among the 10% that "aren't crap."

Yes, I should put this somewhere on my cv:

  • Belongs among the 10% of blogs that 'aren't crap.'
  • Better than the paparazzi as a guide to Hollywood sex goddesses!!

  • posted by Dan on 09.05.03 at 04:00 PM


    Just as Salma, Brittany, and your other favorite Hollywood sex goddesses aim to please -- I aim to amuse!

    posted by: Robert Tagorda on 09.05.03 at 04:00 PM [permalink]

    The Las Vegas Review Journal may have cited Eugene, but Eugene knew about the case from Rick Henderson, a LVRJ editorial writer who sent around an email about it before writing about it both in the paper and on his own blog. Journalist bloggers may not get the respect accorded scholar bloggers, but we know a story when we see one.

    posted by: Virginia Postrel on 09.05.03 at 04:00 PM [permalink]

    I recall your saying somewhere that your blogging habits are conditioned partly by the fact that you don't have tenure. One of the reasons I forswore an academic career was the influence of PC on academic appointments and tenure decisions.

    This would be a silly question for someone in any other profession, but do you ever worry that some militant feminist or, more likely, an ideological enemy of yours looking for an opening to attack you, will raise your Salma-worship and Britney links against your application for tenure? Or is U Chicago a more Hayek-friendly place than that?

    posted by: tombo on 09.05.03 at 04:00 PM [permalink]

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