Monday, September 8, 2003

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Some minor housekeeping

A few minor changes:

1) For the eight of you that care, I've finally downloaded some pictures of the boy and the beagle. You can access all of them here.

2) It's come to my attention that after a while, accessing my TNR Online essays on TNR's web site requires a subscription. Now, while subscribing to The New Republic is an excellent decision and should be encouraged, this is a bit unfair. So, I've posted all of them on the website -- which means the links to the right will take you there.

3) I've updated the book recommendations page to include a section on intellectual history [Boy, you really now how hip up the site!!--ed. Oh, shut up].

posted by Dan on 09.08.03 at 03:37 PM


Where did you grow up in central CT? I'm from Farmington and we were rabid Sox & Pats fans (lotsa heartache in that region).

posted by: David on 09.08.03 at 03:37 PM [permalink]

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