Monday, September 8, 2003

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Gregg Easterbrook has been absorbed

Less than a week after I praised Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback column on, he goes and sets up a proper blog hosted by The New Republic.

Go check it out -- he's asking for name suggestions. Be warned: there will probably be few postings on cheerbabes.

Who will be the next big thinker to become one with the Blogosphere? Post your guesses below.

UPDATE: I realize I didn't provide my own guess. Well, after seeing this picture of Easterbrook posing with the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders from last night's football game...


There can be only one name -- Philly Cheesesteak.

posted by Dan on 09.08.03 at 04:46 PM


My guess is Charles Krauthammer debuts UpChuck any day now.

posted by: Alex Carnevale on 09.08.03 at 04:46 PM [permalink]

Can I make three guesses? Well, I guess you can't stop me, you can only delete me.

Here are three guesses:

Marc Cooper, Ron Rosenbaum, or Mark Steyn.

posted by: Michael J. Totten on 09.08.03 at 04:46 PM [permalink]

How about Sports Guy Bill Simmons, the only other guy besides Easterbrook on ESPN's Page 2 worth reading?

posted by: Hei Lun Chan on 09.08.03 at 04:46 PM [permalink]

Hugh Hefner. Ok, fine, I'm hoping for that more than anything else.

posted by: George on 09.08.03 at 04:46 PM [permalink]

i'm still holding out for hunter s. thompson myself. not sure if that quite counts as the next big thinker, but maybe.

posted by: jb on 09.08.03 at 04:46 PM [permalink]

1. Steyn already has his own site, and although it's mostly a clearinghouse for his geographically dispersed columns, the letters page does have some new content each week.

2. Simmons had a blog before blogs were cool, the now-defunct Boston Sports Guy site (1996-2001), which had daily links & commentary, articles, reader mail, caption contests, etc. (Bill also ran my weekly baseball column, which is how I got started on the net). He has been headed in the opposite direction with the TV writing, and most of the stuff he used to do that doesn't go in his columns is either (1) unacceptable to the ESPN suits, (2) too Boston-centric for a national audience, or (3) stuff he found too much trouble on a daily grind.

3. I'd love to see John McCain or Dennis Miller have a blog. Stephen Carter would be well-suited to the highbrow-blog format. Not sure who I'd predict, though.

posted by: Crank on 09.08.03 at 04:46 PM [permalink]

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