Wednesday, September 17, 2003

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Food and the blogosphere

Eugene Volokh has multiple culinary posts.

Josh Chafetz rhapsodizes about smoked salmon.

And Gregg Easterbrook has some excellent suggestions for new Ben & Jerry's flavors.

My only contribution -- add sliced cucumbers to Josh's recipe. Trust me, it's good.

UPDATE: Continuing on the theme of food and the blogosphere, I was fortunate enough to share a lovely but off-the-record lunch with Virginia Postrel and Jacob Levy today. Virginia is in Chicago on her book tour. From lunch, I can aver that she's even more delightful in person than on television, and she definitely knows a thing or two about style.

[Hey, you and Glenn Reynolds had Postrel moments on the same day.--ed. Yes, but mine was in person and included lunch. Advantage: Drezner!!]

posted by Dan on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM


capers as well, then the smoked salmon is perfect.

posted by: chris brandow on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Cool site! Check out my new blog, Mousepads, Shoe Leather, and Hope - The Great Grassroots Campaign. Also, check out my Dean stores, The Great Grassroots Campaign and You Have The Power. The proceeds from the shop will be given to the new Generation Dean chapter on campus. If you feel like linking to any of the sites I gave you, I'd be happy to add a link to your site on my blog. Keep up the good work with your site.

posted by: Laura in DC on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Is the Dean campaign now comment-section-spamming?

posted by: Jacob T. Levy on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Not the Dean campaign, just me. I am an unofficial volunteer trying to promote my site.

posted by: Laura in DC on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

what if i dont want the power? i prefer being crushed under the oppresive heels of ashcroft and co. on the other hand, i could go for some of that al sharpton triple chocolate right about now.

posted by: carl s. on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Laura, love the Dean shirts you have at CafePress.

My hobby is woodworking, so I mess up a lot of shirts with glue, stains, varnishes, tung oil, etc.

If I give you my address, can you bundle up the shirts after the election and send me a couple dozen? I work in my basement, and there isn't anybody there to see them and laugh their asses off at me for wearing one.


posted by: WoodCutter on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

i looked at the dean site, is it some sort of satire? i wasnt aware that hippies was a huge target demograhic these days. And please alert us if anyone records the song so i can get right on downloading it, its practically priceless.

posted by: carl s. on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

I don't want the power either; I prefer being a henchman of evil.

Wesley Clark's flavor should have been the "Wesley Clark Bar Maple Crunch: Vanilla ice cream with Clark Bars and the remains of Howard Dean".

And why is Easterbrook duplicating material from his TMQ column to his blog?

posted by: Hei Lun Chan on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Add some fresh dill to the cukes, also to the salmon if you like. Those cucmbers should be the small, hard pickle-style gerkins you get in Russia, not the bland big American ones.

And chase it with some Gzhel' vodka ($5 a bottle at Sheremetyevo duty-free--much better than anything available in the US).

posted by: tombo on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Check my tzaziki recipe, posted at my blog, The Irrationalist, yesterday. If you don't know what tzaziki is, and you like Mediterranean food, you're missing out! There has been an intersting spate of food postings in the blogosphere recently. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the one for the salmon tortilla at Volokh, just because that's generally a law blog. The recipe sounded good, if rather heavy (the melted cheese was a giveaway).

posted by: David O'Connor on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Let's not forget Vodkapundit's recipes. In fact, he was working on a recipe book for bachelors before his hiatus.

posted by: DC on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

I think Virginia Postrel is hot. I keep trying to get her to put up more pictures.

posted by: Robert Schwartz on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

My weekly Sunday breakfast - bagel (w/works), smoked salmon, red onion, the cukes (nice touch) - then 2 additions

- Killer Japanese wasabi
- Dark, Belgian Trappist beer - just the right body to blend and that 12% kick and those happy little bubbles are a great way to while away a lazy Sunday

posted by: Jon on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Smoked Trout! Served with french bread, a mayonnaise/mustard/dill sauce, and a glass of Riesling Kabinett.

posted by: Brett on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

Dean Esmay has adopted a new policy inspired by Laura in DC.

posted by: George on 09.17.03 at 01:03 PM [permalink]

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