Thursday, September 25, 2003

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No coherent narrative

A lot of bloggers have linked to it already, but in case you haven't seen it yet, USA Today ran a story earlier this week on media coverage of Iraq that confirms my "no single narrative" argument from last month.

Go check it out.

After that, click over to a sound bite from Terry Gross' interview with Salam Pax (link via Bargarz.

To quote David Brooks:

Nation-building is too grand a phrase for much of the work that is being done; it's neighborhood-building in all its granular specificity.


posted by Dan on 09.25.03 at 04:51 PM


That is how you build a nation. One neighborhood at a time. We're doing way more good over there than harm. The critics can kiss my VRWC behind.

I hope that Bush is able to win the election and continue down the path. My only question is how come The White House can't convince at least some Democrats that we are doing the right thing? Is it that things are not going as well as we think? Is the press and our "European friends" just being too negative? Or are we not selling it good enough?

posted by: ....a moment with Easycure on 09.25.03 at 04:51 PM [permalink]

Some Democrats are convinced we are doing the right thing. Did you see the comments of members of Congress who recently returned from Iraq?

The problem is that bad news sells, so the press prints it, and the Democrats see political opportunity, so they use it. The Democrats have a much easier sales pitch because of the former, and many of them lack the scruples to refrain from making it because of the latter.

posted by: Ben on 09.25.03 at 04:51 PM [permalink]

I cannot agree with you more! Given the ever present and self destructive leftwards lurch of the Democrats (see in particular Howard Dean), they are bound to lose the next election; this in spite of the downward spiral of President Bush' so called poll ratings.

On that note, allow me to end on this one final thought: Did you know that "figures lie, and liars figure"?

posted by: M. Dunsky on 09.25.03 at 04:51 PM [permalink]

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