Tuesday, October 7, 2003

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Oh, right, there's an election today

I believe that Californians are voting on some governor thing.

Clearly, I'm not up on all the details. However, Robert Tagorda appears to be channeling all of his frustrations with the Dodgers into a non-stop blogathon about the election today, so go check him out.

posted by Dan on 10.07.03 at 12:39 PM


Too bad you don't have a comment Dan, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this one, esp given your attitude toward Fareed Zakaria's book. In it he argues that the "direct democracy" of all the proposition business in CA is part of the problem, and that democratic institutions like are getting eroded.

posted by: paul on 10.07.03 at 12:39 PM [permalink]

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