Wednesday, October 22, 2003

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Should I take this as a compliment?

There's been a rash of denial of service (DoS) attacks on various blogs. Andrew Sullivan and Roger Simon believes these were conscious attacks on warblogs. Joe Katzman has a thorough discussion of this over at Winds of Change.

Since I was among those who experienced a series of blog outages over the past 72 hours, I guess I should take this as a compliment. The thing is, I might just be an example of collateral damage. I've noticed that whenever InstaPundit faces a DoS attack, so do Calpundit and myself. I wouldn't exactly label Kevin Drum as a warblogger, so this might just be the result of all three of us using the same hosting service.

Anyway, as Will Baude noticed, when this site was down, I had no backup site -- unlike Glenn Reynolds or Pejman Yousefzadeh.

So, from now on, if a DoS attack incapacitates this blog for longer than 24 hours, you can find me at my old Blogger site. The address is: For those who really need a daily dose of Drezner [You poor sods--ed.], bookmark the backup.

posted by Dan on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM


From what I understood, they were going after the Internet Haganah, a fairly militant site that tracks Al Qaeda websites. I hope I'm right, because if I'm not, we're all in for difficult times ahead. (And frankly I'm the last person to ask because I'm a relative techno-primitive. I know how to block the IPs of the racists who come to post on my site... too many of them lately... and that's about it.)

posted by: Roger L. Simon on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

It was fairly widespread. Left, right and center - all hit. The, ahem. . . paranoid style in political blogs.

posted by: John on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

I think that this may be the blog that I came across not too long ago (during that discussion on Baby Goldberg's NR series with wrong views on neoconservatism), and which I thought, based upon what I saw, that it appeared to be a fair, reasoned, and decent weblog.

But I think that that blog which I came across was using Blogger. Did this site recently change from Blogger to Movable Type? (I know, I could probably find out by looking around some..., but I also wanted to leave a note here.)

Mr. Drezner, you seem to be a popular and widely-read blogger, and you have a good, well-designed site. I should look around here more.

Keep up the good work!

posted by: Aakash on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

It appears the DDoS was made against Hosting Matters, which hosts instapundit, LGF, Electrolite, Calpundit and If they were after Internet Haganah, well, they missed. By a long way.

Coincidentally, launched their service around the time of these DDoS attacks. At least, that's what I determined from the sheer volume of spam arising from the second DDoS attack. Coincidence?

posted by: cheem on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

The Internet greatly threatens Liberalism. Just a few years ago, one was essentially powerless to do anything against the Liberal establishment. They could lie and distort without fear of being taken effectively to task. You might opt to write a letter to the editor, but that’s about all. But today we have the Internet--and the Liberals are running for the exits. No longer can these mediocre people hide behind their fraudulent academic degrees and allegedly prestigious institutions. We are forcing them to earn everything they get.

posted by: David Thomson on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

My place of employment was hit with a huge DDOS yesterday, and it has nothing to do with politics or the war.

I think you're just seeing a general problem. If you tend to surf the political blogs, you'll notice a lot of them are down during a DDOS storm. Likewise, if you surf a lot of sports sites, (or whatever your interest is) you'll notice a lot of sports sites are down.

I wouldn't read too much into it.

P.S. Is it just me, or does Mr. Thompson seem to become more detached from reality with every post?

posted by: uh_clem on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

“P.S. Is it just me, or does Mr. Thompson seem to become more detached from reality with every post?”

Detached from reality? One merely needs to read Martin Kramer’s book "Ivory Towers on Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America"

Dr. Kramer provides ample evidence that the liberal establishment promoted intellectually mediocre “scholars” to major academic posts throughout the United States. It has been long known that it is extremely difficult to obtain a Phd, and especially tenure, in many Liberal Arts programs unless one is a liberal slut. David Brooks wrote about this very issue recently in the New York Times. The Internet is rapidly upsetting the liberal apple cart. They can no longer run and hide.

posted by: David Thomson on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

Yea, we're really running scared.

posted by: John on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

Internet Haganah (an anti-jihad site that uses ISP TOS agreements to shut down jihadi websites) was the target and was on Hosting Matters. It is now back up and running at (one of its mirrors).

So far, Aaron has shut down over 270 jihadi sites used by al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups to disseminate information and instructions. The battle rages on, though. THe main site is again under attack it seems.

posted by: hobgoblin on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

Look. Both Liberals and Conservatives operate on mystical premises. They'll stop fighting with each when the Jews and Muslims stop fighting with each--never. Where can the Libertarains go to get out of the crossfire? Tell me. Please.

posted by: Chip on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

Really? Over at Electrolite, Erik von Olsen did a quick look-up to see where Internet Haganah was hosted. Turns out, Internet Haganah's servers are located in California, while Hosting Matters is located in Jersey. Further, this site is currently still up (along with a bunch of other Hosting Matters sites), while right now the Internet Haganah's main site is down. So if these attacks were directed at, the first two missed.

posted by: cheem on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

..."conscious attacks on warblogs [...] I guess I should take this as a compliment"

You would take it as a compliment if you were considered a warblogger?

Or just that you were high-profile enough to rate such attention and enmity?

posted by: andrew on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

Hostingmatters moved the site to a different set of servers in the middle of the first attack, and the idiot jihadis kept attacking its old DNS location.

posted by: Sebastian Holsclaw on 10.22.03 at 04:26 PM [permalink]

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