Thursday, November 6, 2003

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The Feiler Faster Thesis on steroids

I've been a big fan of the Feiler Faster Thesis ever since Mickey Kaus introduced it into the lexicon three and a half years ago:

In short, political trends that used to last for weeks now last for hours. It's like watching the 1984 campaign on fast forward, except that the calendar still drags on into early June, meaning there's room for plot twists we could only dream of in 1984. To be commensurate with the speeded-up news cycle, the calendar would probably have to be compressed even more.

The reason I bring this up? The last few days, I've been seeing television ads for the DVD release of Terminator 3 -- Rise of the Machines. The movie was put into theaters just four months ago -- it was the big July 4th release.

Between then and now:

1) Speculation started about what Schwarzenegger would do is the recall succeeded.

2) The petition drive for the recall succeeded.

3) Speculation mounted that Schawrzenegger would not run in favor of Richard Riordian.

4) Scharzenegger defied the conventional wisdom and announced his candidacy.

5) The number of candidates increases to three figures.

6) Schawrzenegger seems to stumble.

7) A Ninth Circuit panel tries to delay the recall.

8) The en banc Ninth Circuit unanimously overrules the panel decision.

9) The whole Arianna Huffington experiment ended.

10) Debates were held.

11) Davis is perceived to have some momentum while Bustamante flames out.

12) The Los Angeles Times springs it's October non-surprise.

13) Davis is recalled and Schwarzenegger is elected.

So, anyway, the DVD will be released next week.

posted by Dan on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM


You missed a couple turns there: Feinstein leans in and then backs away, Ubie and Simon drop out, Bustamante gets the lead, Arnold gets called an ass-grabbing Nazi, the scandal backfires on the LAT. I think Issa was still in the race on July 4 as well, no?

posted by: Crank on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

It's been pleasant to watch the speedup of the cycle to DVD. I remember in the early 1990's, watching a movie go from first run theater to the two-dollar theater in one week, to video in a few weeks, to premium cable in a month, and to regular cable in six weeks. But that was a movie which failed.

Then again, Terminator 3 wasn't a real hit.

posted by: Barry on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

Speaking of “The Feiler Faster Thesis on steroids,” whatever happened to the “scandal” concerning Mrs. Wilson? Does anybody even remember the incident? Why have the liberal media taken it off the radar screen? Could it be that it became glaringly obvious that she had not been a secret agent for over five years---and therefore no laws were broken?

The Valerie Plame affair is simply another example of the “mainstream” media working closely with Democrat ideologues to destroy a Republican President. Oh shucks, there I go again making a big deal about something so five minutes ago!

posted by: David Thomson on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]


In an online chat a couple of weeks ago, Dana Priest was asked the same question. She said that while the investigation is going on, there probably won't be much news, but that there's definitely more to come.

posted by: ogged on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

The best thing about the sped-up political (and news) cycle is that it keeps members of the ADD generation like myself so much more entertained. That was the great thing about the recall election: even though I voted no, at least it was *interesting*.

posted by: andrew on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

"She (Dana Priest) said that while the investigation is going on, there probably won't be much news, but that there's definitely more to come."

Are you holding your breath? Did you also know that someday Shaq O’Neal is going to beg me for mercy on the basketball court? And pigs will even fly. On the contrary, any further news on Valerie Plame will likely be buried in the back pages of the New York Times. This turkey is already cooked and devoured.

posted by: David Thomson on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

If the FBI can come up with the name of the likely leaker, and it is somebody important, it will be a front page story for a day or two. Otherwise, Ms. Plame will go back to the obscurity she desires, and Mr. Wilson will return to the obscurity he deserves.

It is a little too soon to call this one dead, though. Particulary when you notice that Ms. Linda Tripp just got 500K for one of the last administration's unauthorized disclosures.

posted by: appalled moderate on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

Not to defend it too much, as Terminator 3 wasn't that good a movie, but if you include the foreign box office, it was indeed a hit. Schwarzenegger still draws a big movie audience overseas, even if he can't do it in North America anymore. If it didn't make a big profit worldwide, there's no way that he would be given $30 million for it, which he apparently was.

posted by: Tom on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

There are two felons currently working on the White House staff who deliberately compromised the CIA's WMD proliferation efforts to gain political advantage for the GOP.

The investigation is off the front pages because no news is available. This is what all presidents guilty of malfeasance hope will happen when an investigation moves to the Justice Department - they hope they can stonewall and ride it out. GWB, unlike Nixon, looks likely to get away with it, partly because today's media are so timid and easily cowed. Incidentally, the "liberal media" aren't manufacturing headlines because there is no liberal media. The media has a conservative bias.

posted by: chukovsky on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]


Geez, I didn't know that the editorial board of the NYT, the WaPo, NBC, CBS, and ABC were run by a cabal headed up by Richard Mellon Scaife!

Then there's that Klavern of Bircher Moonies over at the LA Times. You know, the ones who pulled all those strings to get that Austrian Stormtrooper elected?

Christ, thanks for letting me in on the Big Secret. Wait till I tell Al Franken the big news...

Be Seeing You,


posted by: section9 on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

"There are two felons currently working on the White House staff who deliberately compromised the CIA's WMD proliferation efforts to gain political advantage for the GOP."

Of course, several things which are thus far unknown but looking more unlikely as facts come out have to have taken place for them to be "felons"... but let's not let facts get in the way.

posted by: HH on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

having felons in the whitehouse shouldn't be surprising -- as the Bush administration appears unembarrased to employ individuals who *already* been found guilty of lying to congress, and *gone to jail.*

posted by: Ben on 11.06.03 at 12:12 AM [permalink]

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