Wednesday, December 10, 2003

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My latest TNR online essay is up -- as hinted at here, it's on the faultlines emerging between the developing and developed nations over global economic governance. Go check it out.

Footnotes to come soon.... and here they are.

posted by Dan on 12.10.03 at 11:49 AM


“For starters, these countries have some grievances that even neoclassical economists agree have genuine merit.”

Indeed, the Third World nations have some legitimate gripes. But these are not the key reasons for the current friction. Of far greater importance, these political systems are still infatuated with the siren call of socialist nostrums. Their very first instinct when any obstacles occur is to revert back to the comforting ways of the past. Also, liberal economics minimizes the power of politicians. Many of the Third World leaders are simply looking out for what’s best for their own power base.

What should we do? We must be politely blunt and persuade them to grow up and stop scapegoating the First World for many of their own self inflicted troubles. Sadly, our intellectual “elite” tend to knee jerkingly blame America for the world’s evils. This childishly immature, mea culpa, mindset does nobody any good. They are part of the problem and not the solution.

posted by: David Thomson on 12.10.03 at 11:49 AM [permalink]

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