Friday, December 26, 2003

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I feel trendy, oh so trendy...

The web site announces its top ten words of 2003:

"This year the Iraqi War has dominated the English language as it has dominated the news," said Robert Beard, CEO of yourDictionary.

According to Paul JJ Payack, Chairman of the company, "Embedded was the best word to distill the events of an extraordinary year into 8 simple letters." (emphasis added)

yourDictionary doesn't seem too thrilled with its number two word: "Blog: Web logs have come of age and, regrettably, this lexical mutation with them."

UPDATE: Editor & Publisher doesn't seem too thrilled with blogs either (link via Glenn Reynolds):

Blah, blah, Blogs: Probably the most hyped online development in 2003 (along with growth in site registration), but will these self-important online journals actually change the way newspapers do journalism on the Web?

posted by Dan on 12.26.03 at 11:09 PM


My best friend is a lawyer who can barely stand the word blog. But when you combine blog with something else (blogosphere, blogathon) or make up words like instalanche, he really goes off the deep end.

By the way, Michele of A Small Victory linked me last week. I was hoping for a michelalanche, but it didn't happen. :-)

posted by: David Pinto on 12.26.03 at 11:09 PM [permalink]

Being in the web development end of employment, I find internet trends lame too. But I blog. So often times it is necessary to run with the pack and attempt to grab a chunk of meat while you can.

I'm a new reader and enjoy your posts. Keep it up, for noone if not yourself.

posted by: Scott S on 12.26.03 at 11:09 PM [permalink]

Dear Editor & Publisher,

Who cares how newspapers do journalism on the Web? Oh, and by the way E&P, what's your circulation? Josh Marshall's is 300,000.


Doug Merrill, A Fistful of Euros

posted by: Doug on 12.26.03 at 11:09 PM [permalink]

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