Tuesday, December 30, 2003

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Blogger weirdness

If I go to http://andrewsullivan.com, I get the site as most recently updated. If I go to http://www.andrewsullivan.com, it looks like I haven't done any posting since yesterday afternoon.

Tech types -- any explanation?

UPDATE: OK, this is apparently a function of a change in servers. Thanks to all for responding -- especially Mark Petrovic.

posted by Dan on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM


no explanation, but FYI both URLs give me yesterday's version; no updates from Tuesday.

posted by: Anne on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

Even better - I have his site bookmarked in the B&W format, which is up to date. When I follow your link, I get yesterday's version.


posted by: Independant George on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

Both sites gave me the most current version.

It sounds like a memory cache issue.

posted by: Trent Telenko on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

My poking around shows that the AS web site was hosted on IP address, but is now hosted on IP address Some nameservers on the Internet still have the old, cached address, and are waiting for the record to expire before going out to obtain the new address. The address, according to the ns1.west21.com authoritative nameserver for the site, can be cached for 24 hours (86400 seconds) before an arbitrary nameserver is forced to go back to ns1.west21.com for a new authoritative answer.

The question is whether anyone at AS knew the address was going to change. The company that hosts the site owes you a response to this. The rest follows from the fact that the address did change.

A 'time to live' of 24 hours for records in the www.andrewsullivan.com domain is somewhat long, although that's a value judgement.

posted by: Mark Petrovic on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

Trent's got it right...either force a page reload or flush your browser's cache. Both links work fine from here and according to the DNS they both point at the same server.

posted by: Jack Barse on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

Just keep waiting for the site www. ....com to answer.
But seeing that you standing in for Andrew, aaand as I believe that he is of British stock how would you/he reply to this article in "current viewpoint - An Appreciation of Melanie Phillips"?

'..that her so-called ‘right-wing views’ (right wing means supporting Israel and/or the removal of Saddam) have resulted in BBC producers describing her as ‘mad' and publishers being heard to say they would rather ingest ricin than sign on to her work."

posted by: Barry on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

I get the old page regardless of the URL used. I've flushed my cache and used both IE and Mozilla. Using gets me an Apache info page. Very strange. I'm currently accessing from Florida.

posted by: Laddy on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

No matter which I click on, I'm getting update as of Monday, December 29

posted by: Mike McGarrity on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

No matter which I click on, I'm getting update as of Monday, December 29

posted by: Mike McGarrity on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

I'm getting the same thing as Laddy here in Missouri.

posted by: BSmith on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

“...how would you/he reply to this article in "current viewpoint - An Appreciation of Melanie Phillips"?”

The blogging difficulties have apparently prevented our host from responding to this question. However, as someone who is not Jewish---I will dare to shoot my mouth off on a very touchy subject: Jewish Uncle Toms. Carol Gould writes the following: “Oddly enough, many of my Jewish colleagues and friends have become just as hostile to me as have my non-Jewish associates. They are appalled that I have embraced the Zionist cause and have also supported the campaign to remove Saddam.” When is this nonsense going to cease?

I concede that there are legitimate complaints concerning Israel’s actions. No human institution is perfect and above just criticism. But it’s time to start insulting the self hating Jews who will sell out their own in a heart beat simply to curry favor with the ultra-leftists. They should not be able to hide behind the phony excuse that they are simply trying to be fair with everyone. The Palestinian militants are not even slightly interested in living with their Jewish neighbors. Their only goal is to push the Jews out of the region. Anybody denying this is either a fool---or a liar.

posted by: David Thomson on 12.30.03 at 12:03 PM [permalink]

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