Wednesday, December 31, 2003

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Really, I'm not being lazy

For those wondering if I'm slacking off from posting on the Daily Dish -- Blogger has crashed.

I'm shocked to report this fact.

UPDATE: Something screwy is still going on, but I've found a way around the problem.

posted by Dan on 12.31.03 at 12:19 PM


Think you could switch it over to Movable Type before he gets back?

Good luck and thanks for the 'Behind the Blog'.

posted by: Scott on 12.31.03 at 12:19 PM [permalink]

Do you mean to say that Sullivan uses Blogger for his site? Seriously?! How very...Y2K (or even 2001).

posted by: david on 12.31.03 at 12:19 PM [permalink]

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