Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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Which candidate said what on foreign policy?

The good people at the Council on Foreign Relations has set up a 2004 campaign website on Foreign Policy in the Presidential Election. There are collections of each candidates' major foreign policy addresses, plus issue briefs. Also a useful campaign calendar.

It's pretty thorough. Go check it out.

UPDATE: Hmmm.... my original title for this post had the word "shopping" in the titles -- which seemed to attract spam like Salma Hayek attracts hits. I guess I'm going to have to stop doing that [Linking to Salma Hayek? Gasp!!--ed. No, use the word "shopping" in post titles.]

posted by Dan on 01.14.04 at 03:52 PM


A worthwhile site. A small nit about the calendar: The Texas primary is on March 9, not March 2. The date was changed recently to accomodate redistricting.

Let's take this idea to the next level: what would it take to collect and present Congressional candidates responses to the key foreign policy questions facing our nation? That's something I'd be willing to work on.

posted by: Michael Weiksner on 01.14.04 at 03:52 PM [permalink]

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