Saturday, January 17, 2004

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Andrew Sullivan server update

I've received numerous e-mails asking me if, as a former guest-blogger, I can access Andrew Sullivan's site. I just tried, got something that said, " (sic) click". I clicked with some apprehension, but was able to access the site with no difficulties -- his last post was a response to Josh Marshall's defense of Clark.

According to Andrew -- via Glenn Reynolds -- this is a server problem. I experienced similar difficulties when I was doing the guest stint earlier this month, so I can certainly empathize. Andrew, you're welcome to guest-post here while the problem is being fixed!! [Big man!--ed. Hey, it's the least I could do.]

UPDATE: The Daily Dish is back online -- with an apology from Sullivan.

[On a separate matter, that's the second post in a row in which you've mention this Clark business without addressing it head-on. What gives?--ed. I haven't read enough to comment with confidence. From what I have read, it seems clear that Drudge ginned up a Clark quote through an improper use of ellipses. Does that mean Clark can't be criticized on foreign policy?--ed. Hell, no -- I argued two weeks ago that compared to Howard Dean he was getting a free ride on this issue. Steve Sachs has more on this.]

posted by Dan on 01.17.04 at 11:35 AM


Sorry to bring this up but your second paragraph seems terribly patronising. Maybe my English is different but the way you ended the paragraph also made me wonder if you don't usually take Andrew at his word. This is not a flamer but maybe an example of how your words can be (mis)interpreted by someone outside of the States. Then again maybe I'm too cynical.

posted by: Barry on 01.17.04 at 11:35 AM [permalink] is back up.

posted by: Bill Archibald on 01.17.04 at 11:35 AM [permalink]

The full text of the Clark piece is here.

posted by: Hei Lun Chan on 01.17.04 at 11:35 AM [permalink]

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