Tuesday, January 27, 2004

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Quote of the day

From Ryan Lizza's campaign journal at TNR:

If Dean's events sometimes look like the bar scene from Star Wars, Edwards's traveling show has the feel of an Abercrombie and Fitch fashion shoot.

If you click over to the Abercrombie & Fitch site, you start to understand the whole "growing male crush" phenomenon with regard to Edwards.

posted by Dan on 01.27.04 at 02:02 PM


Blogger John Bruce brings up a most interesting question concerning John Edwards (More on Candidates and Hairpieces):

“The Weekly Standard has an article, however, pointing out that John Edwards recently turned 50. I make no comment other than to say that I sure didn't look like that when I was 50, and most of my friends didn't, either. A dye job by itself won't distract from the wattles and crowsfeet many of us begin to develop in middle age. For that matter, take a good look at what Fred Astaire or Cary Grant looked like, with the most flattering possible lighting and makeup, in films like Royal Wedding or To Catch a Thief when they were, I think, somewhere around 50 (someone will no doubt correct me on ages here).

My wife, an attorney (though not a trial attorney, as Edwards was), points out that boyish good looks would have been among the key talents he would have needed to establish rapport with juries, and maintaining those looks would have been important to him. She suspects that there may be a Picture of Dorian Gray someplace in the attic.”


Mrs. John Edwards looks much older than her husband. He looks to be about 34-35, and she appears to be right around 50. Oh well, I know that I might be engaging in a bit of People Magazine type speculation. But if he did have plastic surgery----is there anything else phony about Edwards?

posted by: David Thomson on 01.27.04 at 02:02 PM [permalink]

You mean, ever'body's nekkid?

posted by: Crank on 01.27.04 at 02:02 PM [permalink]

Well, ick, Dan. We'll all thank you to keep mental pictures of that kind to yourself from now on.

Actually, John Edwards reminds me of the late John Ritter, circa 1980. Maybe this is a hint of where his career will head if this Presidential politics thing doesn't work out.

posted by: Zathras on 01.27.04 at 02:02 PM [permalink]

If Edwards is '80s-era Ritter, who's Janet and Chrissy? And who's Mr. Roper?

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 01.27.04 at 02:02 PM [permalink]

I think that there's something in the air of the courthouse that preserves the physical appearance of attorneys, particularly plaintiff's attorneys. Edwards is hardly the youngest-looking 50 yr. old attorney I've seen. Or maybe it's a Southern thing.

But for an example, look at Mississippi's previous attorney general Mike Moore, or his good buddy Dickie Scruggs, or his good buddy Paul Minor. These guys have aged quite well. Moore in particular is known for his boyish good looks.

posted by: Scipio on 01.27.04 at 02:02 PM [permalink]

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