Sunday, February 1, 2004

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A record month

January was a good month for According to Sitemeter, the blog attracted more than 200,000 unique visits last month.

Thanks to one and all for clicking!

posted by Dan on 02.01.04 at 11:34 PM


Congratulations! 200K is a nice number...well above the mid-level for web site traffic.

posted by: Steve Martinovich on 02.01.04 at 11:34 PM [permalink]

What was it about January? It seems like all over the place, people had record traffic. Was there some big event that drew a lot of people to blogs, or something? I mean, there was the beginning of the primaries, but even i had about at 30% bump, and I hardly ever blog about domestic politics.

posted by: Brian Ulrich on 02.01.04 at 11:34 PM [permalink]

I started reading this site after Daniel guest bloged for Andrew Sullivan. Haven't regretted checking this blog out and probably never will :)

posted by: Jüri Saar on 02.01.04 at 11:34 PM [permalink]

Mine was up as well--slightly breaking my record set in October, even minus the 10,000 InstaLanche bump from that month. But noting like 200,000! Congrats.

posted by: James Joyner on 02.01.04 at 11:34 PM [permalink]

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