Saturday, February 7, 2004

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For Chicago readers only

The Chicago chapter of the Nathan Hale Foreign Policy Society -- devoted to discussing foreign policy topics in, "as bipartisan, idealistic, and nuanced fashion as possible," will be meeting a 7:00 PM Sunday evening at Cosi. The address is 116 S. Michigan Avenue. That's roughly across the street from the lovely Art Institute of Chicago. Make a day of it!!

This first meeting of the Chicago chapter will be led by Will Baude. The topic is Homeland Security:

1. What do we assess is knowable vis-a-vis the threat?
2. What does the homeland security community need to look like to 'deter, defend and defeat'?
3. Where do we go from here?

Click here for suggested readings.

posted by Dan on 02.07.04 at 11:33 PM


On the topic of a Chicago chapter to discuss "policy topics in, 'as bipartisan, idealistic, and nuanced fashion as possible,'" Chicago e-Democracy is in the process of starting a forum to discuss Chicago politics and policy. We hope to go live in February once we get about 100 people signed up. Drop me an e-mail for more info.

Sorry Dan, and everyone, for the infomercial, but the Nathan Hale announce seemed like a sign to spread the word for Chicago e-Democracy - Dan, I would love to see you sign up, of course; this goes for all Chicagoans saavy enough to frequent this blog.

On the NHFPS, I would love to come but have to write a paper for tomorrow and can't make the time on such short notice.

Chao, jon.k

posted by: jon.k on 02.07.04 at 11:33 PM [permalink]

And, yes, that would be "savvy" - oops.

posted by: jon. k on 02.07.04 at 11:33 PM [permalink]


Do you still support W? Because I don't. I'm interested in your take on W's turn from apparent Reaganite into Dick Nixon, The Sequel.

A concerned Reaganite Republican

posted by: Jane on 02.07.04 at 11:33 PM [permalink]

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