Tuesday, February 10, 2004

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And that's the ballgame

Exit polls from the Tenessee and Virginia primaries, courtesy of Jack Shafer:

Kerry: 44%
Edwards: 26%
Clark: 18%
Dean: 6%

Kerry: 54%
Edwards: 25%
Clark: 9%
Dean: 7%

I'll let the post title speak for itself.

Gonna be a long year for Mickey Kaus!! [You're still going to have to live down this post--ed. Oh, I beg to differ -- this post looks far worse in retrospect].

posted by Dan on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM


A look into history shows that the last two Democrats who were nominated AND won Tennesee, were Mondale and Dukakas.

How's THAT for a trend? ;-)

posted by: Bithead on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

“[You're still going to have to live down this post--ed. Oh, I beg to differ -- this post looks far worse in retrospect].”

Dan Drezner does not have to live down anything in either earlier post. John Kerry is still a political idiot for saying that he doesn’t need the South. Let’s get something clear: the Democrats voting today are left of the political center. These are not “regular” people. The rest of the Southerners will be voting for President Bush in November---and they have long memories.

Howard Dean has committed political suicide. He was the one who foolishly allowed Joe Trippi to be his campaign manager while the latter gentleman was earning commissions from the campaign ads. Nobody is responsible for this stupidity but the former Vermont Governor. The Democrat nomination was Dean’s to lose, and he did an excellent job of self-destructing. Nonetheless, it is amazing how initially brilliant Trippi’s tactics were. He has literally, for good or bad, changed our national politics forevermore.

posted by: David Thomson on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

A long year for that hack? I think he can install the Random Bitchy Observation 3.0 software and take a vacation until November.

posted by: norbizness on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

Listen, Dan, I've got plenty of leftover crow you can eat. (I was the guy who predicted Clark--if you believe that!) All I have learned from the experience is... well... nothing!

posted by: Roger L. Simon on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

What is up with Kaus?

It's like one long bitchy whine.

posted by: GT on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

I read conservative and conservative-leaning bloggers because I like to hear what the "other side" thinks. That's why I'm here. Kausfiles (which while nominally Democrat is very conservative) is annoyingly useless. In fact, Kausfiles and Instapundit are two of the most useless blogs on the internet, especially considering how much attention people pay to them. Drezner, Volokh and Tacitus are easily the best conservative blogs. Calpundit (despite the recent AWOL waste), Talking Points and Pandagon are the best liberal blogs. Daily Kos is good for horse race stuff and Atrios is generally very funny.

posted by: Elrod on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

Trends are as over rated as Howard Dean.

posted by: Zach on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

And that's the ballgame

Matt Drudge may differ with you on that assessment.

posted by: Al on 02.10.04 at 05:14 PM [permalink]

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