Monday, February 23, 2004

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A very important post about... swimsuits

Slate's Josh Levin posts an amusing statistical summary of Sports Illustrated's 40th anniversary swimsuit issue:

36 shots of women in swimsuits; 15 of women wearing only part of their suits and positioned strategically next to inner tubes, barns, etc.; eight women baring all or part of their nipples via moisture, chainmail, etc.; six women wearing nothing but body paint; one woman being smelled by sheep; another woman being fondled by a baby alligator; another woman whose bikini top is being removed by a dead-looking but ostensibly playful raven; one Jimmy Buffett CD; 11 interviews with members of the "swimsuit hall of fame," including the revelation that Stacey Williams has helped invent rüking, a sport that combines running and hiking; and one cover model, Veronica Varekova, who says the person she'd most like to meet is Charlie Rose. (emphasis added)

In honor of Ms. Varekova's preference towards those of the geeky persuasion, it seems only fitting to reciprocate in kind by displaying's strong preference for supermodels who like geeks:


[Why not a picture of Rose as well?--ed. He clearly needs no additional advertising whatsoever. Besides Varekova was on his show this past Friday.]

UPDATE: D'oh!! Mickey Kaus beat me by a full day on this. Advantage: Kaus!!

posted by Dan on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM


I am a subscriber to Sports Illustrated. This particular issue is so wild that I found myself hiding it. I felt similar to the guy looking at a Playboy who insists that he is only reading the articles. In a job situation, one might even get themselves in trouble for sex harassment!

Dan often cites publications that I subscribe to. The only exception that comes to mind is Entertainment Weekly. I think I receive around 15-20 magazines a month. Alas, one cynically has a right to ask, “If you read so much, why aren’t you smarter?” Hey, what can I tell you?

posted by: David Thomson on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Now imagine that said in a breathy Slavic accent, with those baby blues batting at you... No wonder Charlie rose...

posted by: fingerowner on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

It was a great Swimsuit Issue, surpassing all that have come before it.

Question: Would it have been so risque if it hadn't already been at the printer (as I trust it was) when Janet Jackson did her thing at the Super Bowl? Or would the anti-nipple meme have panicked the editors?

posted by: Jack on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

She may like geeks, but she is marrying a jock if you read her profile carefully. I have been giving some serious thought to moving to central or eastern Europe for a while to find a bride....

posted by: Paolo on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

A little bony, if you ask me....

posted by: Diogenes on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Apparently a">>a kid's been suspended for bringing the issue to school.

posted by: Maureen on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

"...and one cover model, Veronica Varekova, who says the person she'd most like to meet is Charlie Rose. (emphasis in original)"

Except that the emphasis isn't in the original, either on Sports Illustrated or Josh Levin's article. It seems to have been added by Kaus.

posted by: Bill Woods on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Bill: Whoops!! Fixed the error.

As God is my witness, I had no idea Mickey had linked to the same graf until you posted your comment.

posted by: Dan Drezner on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Somehow the vision of Chalie Rose in a swimsuit flashes in my mind's eye, unbidden... (Shudder)

posted by: Bithead on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

I imagine a google on outsourcing message therapists nafta swimsuit issue will bring folks directly to this site.

posted by: Appalled Moderate on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Umm. The part about sheep gave me a laugh. Sheep have no natural defenses except to run. Cattle can, at the end run into you. Horses can and will kill you with hoofs; besides, they have a good track record on running away.

Oh well, they're pretty ladies In spite of the MOUSE.

posted by: William on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

I'd hit it.

posted by: a random person on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

At least in Boston, Veronica Varekova was on Charlie Rose today. I mean, on his show ...

posted by: Roger Sweeny on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Cheryl Tiegs' fishnet one-piece was a revelation when it first happened but I don't recall the DEFCON 5 media outrage ala Ms.Jackson (I'm nasty.).

I think these days the scandal machines on cable TV are all wound up with nowhere to go. Nipple is somehow taboo? "Me like Nipple! Nipple Good!" said Bizarro Powell.

posted by: joejoejoe on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]


"I have been giving some serious thought to moving to central or eastern Europe for a while to find a bride...."

I'd suggest thinking very carefully about doing anything like this. A friend of mine travelled this route and he ended up marrying a Chinese friend of his. Still he did travel to Russia, Archangel I believe, and ended up with an enormous store of very funny stories.

The biggest problems?

1. She may not love you. Though this should be fairly easy to determine. However if you're 67 years old and marrying a 22 year old. All bets are off.

2. Language barriers. Someone has to learn someone else's language. And that someone might very well be you and not her. What? You think things are different because she's Russian? Hah!

3. Dental costs. Strange eh? Evidently the art of Dentistry isn't all that great in the former USSR. I discussed this with a guy who ended up putting about $8k into his wife and adopted daughter just for dentistry.

4. Cultural barriers. Very different. Yellow roses are, I'm trying to remember here, a basic "go to hell" message. Red roses are ok, but only in certain situations. Chocolates are good as gifts but soap, unless it's really high-end specialty stuff, is a major mistake. And not bringing gifts for the mother or sisters is a real problem.

etc etc etc.

And don't think for a minute that it won't cost you a bundle. Expect the aggregate costs to amount to at least $10k-$15k. That will cover travel expenses, gifts, long-distince phone calls, visas, immigration expenses, paperwork, medical tests and shots, etc.

Have fun. :)

posted by: ed on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

I bet Charlie Rose wouldn't keep interupting HER, all the time.

posted by: cynical joe on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

I bet Charlie Rose wouldn't keep interupting HER, all the time.

That's a predictable side-product of drooling.

posted by: Bithead on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Well, it was certainly nice to see Stacey Williams again. What a woman.

Mmmm... Stacey Williams...

posted by: Dino on 02.23.04 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

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