Wednesday, March 17, 2004

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I'll have my coffee extra bitter, please

Brad Delong writes:

A change in state: today I stopped drinking lattes, and started drinking iced lattes. It was 85 degrees. Summer is icumen in.

Yes, spring is coming!! Oh, wait....

Even better -- I'm departing for Montreal later today!!

Damn you DeLong!! Damn you to hell!!

posted by Dan on 03.17.04 at 01:02 PM



posted by: Brad DeLong on 03.17.04 at 01:02 PM [permalink]

It's even nicer in Southern California at UCLA. Perhaps Mark Kleiman, Eugene Volokh and I could talk you into joining our faculty here at this fine institution? While we're not as old as Prof. DeLong's fine school, and we don't have as many Nobels (yet), we certainly have better weather. And possibly a higher concentration of 'bloggers too.

posted by: Phil Carter on 03.17.04 at 01:02 PM [permalink]

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