Friday, March 26, 2004

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The media whore of Hyde Park

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that my outsourcing essay is starting to attract some attention. Here's my day today:

1) Wake up to do phone interview on outsourcing with WPTT's Jerry Bowyer in Pittsburgh.

2) Log on, discover that Arts & Letters Daily has linked to "The Outsourcing Bogeyman."

3) See mention of outsourcing piece by Bruce Bartlett in his latest column (Bruce has links to two other reports on outsourcing that are worth checking out).

4) Arrange to do radio interview with Rick Jensen on WDEL next week.

5) Receive e-mail notification that the Foreign Affairs web editor is very pleased with the web traffic. Thanks for that should go to MetaFilter and Kuro5hin for highlighting the piece. [UPDATE: Thanks to Dan Gillmor as well.]

6) Receive phone call from ABC News Business correspondent Betsy Stark requesting interview on Kerry's economic speech and outsourcing. Have camera crew invade office and bemuse colleagues.

So, it looks like there's a decent chance that I'll be on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings this evening. Check your local listings!!

Here's the funny/scary thing -- I have no idea how the interview will be framed. I was critical of Kerry on outsourcing but I also said that the corporate taxation proposal he announced today indicated a change in rhetoric from "Benedict Arnold CEO's." We talked for ten minutes, and there was a lot of tape -- they could go either way with it. [You should have followed Brad DeLong's advice on interviews--ed. Now you remember to tell me.]

UPDATE: Nope, they cut me. C'est la vie.

posted by Dan on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM


Congrats on the attention, Dan; You deserve it.

I was critical of Kerry on outsourcing but I also said that the corporate taxation proposal he announced today indicated a change in rhetoric from "Benedict Arnold CEO's."

Yeah, about that; I can't help but wonder if he's not on this to try and deal with the drop-off of high-dollar donations to his campaign. That one couldn't have made many freinds. This one year toe in the water of his is a come-on... and I'm htining the CEO's and the investors will be smart enough to smell that one out.

posted by: Bithead on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Brad's interview advice is A-1. Remember, five points. Stick to them, good luck.

posted by: ch2 on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

I can't wait to hear "Drezner - the Musical".

posted by: Tom Holsinger on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Will someone from the east let us left coast-ers know if Mr. Drezner made the show? Otherwise we can continue our planned run from zombies. If he did, we need to make a run home first to set up the TiVo.

posted by: Scott on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Your article is also the subject of an essay competition.

posted by: Stephen on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

I’m waiting for Ripley’s “Believe it or not” to do a piece on Dan Drezner. Yup, I can see it now: “Are there really graduates of Harvard University who are half way sane? Is such a thing even possible? How did Dan Drezner survive in that lunatic asylum? Can he also walk on water?”

posted by: David Thomson on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Did I miss it, or was Dan totally jobbed by ABC News? There was about two sentences on Kerry's plan from the substitue anchor, and no commentary. Scott, you'd better not stop, or the zombies will eat your brain. Assuming, of course, that your boss hasn't already.

Parsley Boy

posted by: Parsley Boy on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Seriously, this is one of the many reasons I don't watch network nightly news shows anymore. Not only did they cut the expert commentary, they almost completely ignored Kerry's position. Just a few sound bites, some boiler plate "journalism", and then on to the next 30 second "news" story.

Dan, even if you do make it back onto a nightly news program, I'm just going to skip it and read your blog instead.

Parsley Boy

PS Here's something Reynold's might suggest: Next time, tape the interview yourself, and put it up on your site. Then we could compare and contrast with whatever gets aired.

posted by: Parsley Boy on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Was the interview the kind that had to air tonight? We might be getting overly pessimistic. Perhaps it might still be relevant in the very near future?

posted by: David Thomson on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

“Nope, they cut me. C'est la vie.”

Dan Drezner probably didn’t tell the liberals at ABC TV what they wanted to hear. His comments might have been aired if he called President Bush an idiot and a danger to our our civil rights.

posted by: David Thomson on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

Oh, hell yeah.... top story, that would make.

posted by: Bithead on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

I know that you might be disappointed in the short term with your near brush with fifteen minutes of fame, but trust me it's for the better. That you got the initial troll was good news, but it's better news that they decided that your position was too "sophisticated" to cut into little itty bits on the evening news.

I may disagree with you Dan, but my disagreement is nothing compared to the distortion and error that would have been forced on your work to squeeze into into a sound bite format for Peter Jennings. Trust me, this is for the better.

I could see you under the right circumstances maturing into a very influential intellectual thinker or perhaps a very independent spokes-person. Don't sell that bright future out for fifteen minutes of fame today. Agitation is not the way to win enduring immortality.

posted by: Oldman on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

The five grand from A World Connected is small potatoes next to the 20 grand you can pick up from this year's Shell Economist essay contest...(better yet, do both!) your posts reveal you to be a regular reading of the Economist, so flip to the inside of the back cover of the current issue (I think, I can't find it now) or check out

posted by: Jen on 03.26.04 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

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