Friday, April 30, 2004

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Support Political Babes!!

While I've occasionally thought about it, I have yet to put a tip jar on the blog -- mostly because I've already benefited in myriad ways from

However, for those who have contemplated giving, let me redirect your energies to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

[What, you're asking your readers to walk?--ed.] No, I'm asking them to support Political Babes, a two person team that plans to walk 39 miles in two days to support the cause. As their home page puts it: "Bethany and Melissa both are political scientists, both are committed to ending breast cancer, and both are total babes!"

Let me independently confirm that all three of these statements are true.

[Why should I take your word for this?--ed. Well, on them being political scientists, click here to read this Chicago Tribune story on Assistant Professor of Political Science Melissa Harris-Lacewell's fascinating research. Better yet, just buy her book, Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought. Bethany Albertson -- the other political babe -- was a invaluable research assistant during the book's drafting.]

You can give by going to their home page and then clicking "Make a Gif!" by the thermometer on the right side of the page.

posted by Dan on 04.30.04 at 12:04 PM


I have ordered their book via It apparently will not be released for a few more months. Blacks (I don’t like using the term, Afro-Americans) have been hurt severely by the welfare state and liberal white pity. I am utterly convinced, like Thomas Sowell, that the economic efforts of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, caused far more harm than good. Black Americans should have never been encouraged to perceive themselves as victims. This mindset prevents one from overcoming the challenges of life. It is a ready made excuse.

Did the Democrats of the early 1960s mean well? Did they care more about racial injustice than the typical Republican? Absolutely yes! The Democrats deserve much credit for their efforts. Sadly, though, many were seduced by the radicals of the era. They soon became part of the problem and not part of the solution.

posted by: David Thomson on 04.30.04 at 12:04 PM [permalink]

Thanks for reminding me that your racism does not merely extend to the French/Europeans, David.

posted by: Jesurgislac on 04.30.04 at 12:04 PM [permalink]

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