Wednesday, May 5, 2004

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The ultimate BMW ad

In their wildest dreams, there is no way that the managers of BMW could have hoped for this piece of good news for their male drivers (according to Reuters):

BMW drivers have more sex than owners of any other cars and are much more active than Porsche drivers, a new German car magazine has found.

The German magazine “Men’s Car” found in a survey of 2,253 motorists aged 20 to 50 published in its inaugural May issue that male BMW drivers say they have sex on average 2.2 times each week while Porsche drivers have sex 1.4 times per week....

Among women, French car drivers were top with 2.1 times per week followed by Audi (2.0), Italian (2.0), and BMW (1.9) with Porsche again at the bottom of the scale at 1.2 times per week.

One does have to wonder if Porsche's poor performance is correlated with the car's paucity of space, which can lead to.... er... maneuvering difficulties, if one were to attempt to perform the deed in the car.

This is a job for Mickey Kaus' Gearbox if there ever was one -- although he's not a big fan of the Porsche anyway.

UPDATE: Mickey e-mails to say, "they [male BMW drivers] only SAY they have sex 2.2 times a week." Of course, male Porsche drivers only say they have sex 1.4 times a week. This leads to one of two possibilities:

1) Male BMW drivers have more sex than male Porsche drivers; or,

2) Male Porsche drivers are more discrete about their sexual activities than male BMW drivers.

Given the styling of both auto brands, I have to think that (1) is more likely than (2). In my mind, Porsches seem flashier than BMWs. One would therefore expect Porsche buyers to be more flamboyant/open than the buttoned-down BMWers, not less so.

Furthermore, the fact that the poll shows a similar gap among female responsdents -- who one might expect to be more modest in their survey responses due to historical double standards on this question -- leads me to think that this isn't a response bias problem.

Yes, I just wasted ten minutes on this addendum that I will never have back.

posted by Dan on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM


I am reminded of the old Damaskas hit record..."Making Love in a Subaru"

Oh, great. Now THAT will be stuck in my head the rest of the day.

posted by: Bithead on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

Should be: BMW drivers *claim* to have more sex.

Which, of course, is highly plausible.

posted by: goethean on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

I can't believe that an assistant professor would drive a BMW or a Porsche! What do they say about Volvos? :-)

posted by: Al on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

Maybe it's for real. Seems reasonable to me that the BMW guys are off banging their wives/mistresses while the Porsche owners are waiting on their mechanic.

posted by: routerman on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

More importantly, what does Drezner drive, and how does it affect his quest for tenure?

posted by: Independent George on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

Does anyone out there know the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? With the BMW the pricks on the inside.

posted by: steve on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

You seem to be suggesting that the male Porshe owners are lying to understate their sexual activity. I think it's far more likely that the BMW owners are lying to overstate their sexual activity.

posted by: Xavier on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

I wonder if they controlled for the driver's marital status. It's already been shown that the average married guy has sex more often than the average single guy [of course, these studies make no mention of the relative quality of the two group's encounters, but anyway...]. I wouldn't be surprised if the percentage of married guys who drive BMWs was higher than the percentage of married guys who drive Porsches.

posted by: kenB on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

Yeah, Xavier? But after 10 Minutes, I don't feel like falling asleep in my 3.

Then again, I've yet to roll it over...

For that matter, ..oh, nevermind - the mind reels and the amount of double-entendres that this will generate, Drez. Two's my limit

posted by: Tommy G on 05.05.04 at 01:08 PM [permalink]

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