Wednesday, May 19, 2004

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Darn that competitive market

Despite the occasional bug, Google's new Gmail feature is drawing raves. I particularly like what Tom Gromak said in The Detroit News:

Gmail, like Google itself, is a utilitarian tool, not a pretty one. If you want a web mail service that looks like a desktop application, stick with Hotmail. If you want a web mail service that works like a desktop application, grab a Gmail account as soon as the service goes gold.

Then there's the competition that it's inducing among e-mail service providers. As the Motley Fool points out, both Yahoo! and Lycos Europe have recently expanded the memory in their mail services in response to Gmail.

Of course, if any of this competition comes from outside the United States, then it's just an example of how our country is being devastated by foreign competition.

posted by Dan on 05.19.04 at 05:53 PM


I have a gmail account - oldman at gmail - and it works just as you describe it. It's as good as a desktop email client, and better than I think Eudora or the much inferior MS outlook. Will it make money? I don't know, personally the little text ads kind of get screened out of my periphial vision, but in fact no I don't mind them at all.

posted by: Oldman on 05.19.04 at 05:53 PM [permalink]

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