Friday, June 25, 2004

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The state of play on trade

My latest TNR Online essay is up -- this one is about why, even with the outsourcing furor dying down, we're not likely to see any groundswell of support for trade liberalization. Go check it out.

Footnote link will follow shortly. UPDATE: Here it is.

posted by Dan on 06.25.04 at 11:16 AM


“Given the widespread support among economists for trade liberalization, are Americans just stupid?”

I think I’m going to burst out in tears. When will Dan Drezner ever wake up to reality? The economists are often Democrats and therefore follow the unwritten rule: You don’t have to lie, but the liberal establishment expects you to keep quiet. They will whisper into Dan’s ear what they truly believe concerning free trade and state their views in obscure publications---but few will publicly dare criticize a politician like John Kerry. Did anyone, for instance, see these economists blast the Democrats for exploiting free trade fears in Louisiana? Nope, they keep their mouths shut so that the Democrats could win two very close elections at the very last moment.

posted by: David Thomson on 06.25.04 at 11:16 AM [permalink]

"Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin observed in his memoirs that when he mentioned this fact in Congressional testimony, a representative told him that he was the first government official to praise the virtues of imports in public."

When will Robert Rubin and his buddies place large free trade ads in the New York Times? Why does he remain silent while John Kerry is making a fool of himself? Rubin could get the message out to the general public---if he truly desired to do so.

posted by: David Thomson on 06.25.04 at 11:16 AM [permalink]

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