Thursday, July 8, 2004

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Bagel envy

Brad DeLong has an amusing post about a bagel store in Berkeley that solves the free disposal problem in a way that I like. Apparently, feeding them to goats is not the solution.

Meanwhile, the only semi-decent bagel shop in Hyde Park shut down a few months ago. To procure properly-made bagels, one has to schlep up to the north side of the city.

And don't get me started on the transaction costs involved in finding decent whitefish salad.

posted by Dan on 07.08.04 at 11:08 AM


At least, not if you want buff goats!

posted by: Brad DeLong on 07.08.04 at 11:08 AM [permalink]

Whitefish salad, huh? My respect for you just jumped dramatically, you know where it's at.

posted by: Ezra on 07.08.04 at 11:08 AM [permalink]

You mean you don't consider Einstein's to be the pinnacle of quality? Come on -- You might not be able to get a garlic bagel, but you can get a blueberry one with a shmear of strawberry cream cheese!

posted by: Anno-nymous on 07.08.04 at 11:08 AM [permalink]

Brad is a good man. And a funny one.

posted by: oldman on 07.08.04 at 11:08 AM [permalink]

Next time I make a Kauffmans run, I'll send some down to HP for ya.

Do you want some fatty corned beef too?

posted by: mickslam on 07.08.04 at 11:08 AM [permalink]

Many of my friends criticized me for intermarrying with a North Sider and moving out of Hyde Park - Kenwood. My answer was always that the neighborhood combined the disadvantages of being isolated in a college town with the disadvantages of being in the big city.

posted by: triticale on 07.08.04 at 11:08 AM [permalink]

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