Wednesday, July 14, 2004

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A radio day

If you are a Chicago resident, and you tune your dial to WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio) at 1:00 PM Central time, you will have no choice but to hear me discuss offshore outsourcing on Worldview with Jerome McDonnell (who, I was pleased to learn, reads the blog from time to time). The other guest is David Steiger, an adjunct professor at DePaul.

The segment was taped yesteday, and supposed to run only 20 minutes, but we chatted for a good deal longer. The intelligence of at least one U.S. Senator is questioned by yours truly during the show.

Chicagoans and non-Chicagoans can listen on your computer by clicking here.

UPDATE: You can listen to the whole interview by clicking here.

posted by Dan on 07.14.04 at 10:04 AM


Is that supposed to be "A radio day" in the title? Looks like a typo.

posted by: John Callender on 07.14.04 at 10:04 AM [permalink]

Oooh, ooh! As one of Chicagoland's newest residents, thus one of the elect few lucky enough to enjoy Jerome McDonald's nasal drone (zzzz!) regularly, count me in. Too bad it was taped earlier so I can't phone in and razz you, Dan. We'll have to wait for "Talk of the Nation" for that. Hee hee.

posted by: Kelli on 07.14.04 at 10:04 AM [permalink]

Whoops -- sorry for the typo -- fixed now.

posted by: Dan Drezner on 07.14.04 at 10:04 AM [permalink]


This story is right up your alley. It's got everything except hot 30-something babes!

posted by: praktike on 07.14.04 at 10:04 AM [permalink]

BTW, here's an example of the US withholding $18 million in aid from the regime in Uzbekistan.

posted by: John Thacker on 07.14.04 at 10:04 AM [permalink]


Heard much of your conversation on WBEZ today -- nice work. I particularly appreciated your analogy to the Hippocratic Oath when you admonished politicians to "do no harm" first and foremost in economic matters. When you made this point, I wished you'd have clarified a bit by adding something to the effect of "...and mostly this means leaving markets alone, because allowing the price mechanism to operate unhindered is the surest path to our future prosperity." I think that finishing your point in such a way as this would have been helpful for those in the audience who didn't automatically understand that this is what you meant. (Further clarification of "and mostly this means leaving markets alone" should also have been added.)

And it is those who didn't automatically understand that need to be taught some economics within these discussions. In my opinion, it is ignorance and misunderstanding of free market economics that lead so many to recoil at what they (mis)perceive free markets to be: a tool for the few to exploit the many.

posted by: Sean Kennedy on 07.14.04 at 10:04 AM [permalink]

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