Sunday, July 25, 2004

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Your must-see movie of the day

If you've already seen Spider-Man 2, click here.

If you like Legos, click here.

OK, actually, it just doesn't matter -- just click and see.

posted by Dan on 07.25.04 at 12:34 AM


.. I am always amazed at the human mind...
Heard this yesterday and it keeps a grin on my face,
"Have you ever noticed on the show Star Trek that there arent
any dems around...............................

posted by: Rob..NC on 07.25.04 at 12:34 AM [permalink]

If you mean Democrats, of course not, they won. The society is run as a world government. Only the best and brightest get to fly around on a starship. There is no money.

What purpose would they suit. And the only Reps you would see would be the loonies out in Wyoming fighting the revolution. Unfortunately for them, they got gunpowder weapons against dem fancy lasers.

Cute little movie, I wish I had the kind of time to come up with something like that.

posted by: James Stephenson on 07.25.04 at 12:34 AM [permalink]

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