Monday, July 26, 2004

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Off to get my GOAt

I have to run and debate U.S. foreign policy in a bar. I'll be sure to provide an "after action" report.

If you're still jonesing for convention blogging, you could do far, far worse than the convention blogs from Reason and The New Republic.

UPDATE: That was a blast. A great crowd and a good debate. What truly amazed me was that 120-150 people showed up for this on a Monday night during the convention -- 50 people stood up for the entire ninety minutes. And nary a boo was heard.

ANOTHER UPATE: Paul Noonan provides an accurate summary of the debate here. Good to know the Clinton impersonation still wows the crowd.

One correction -- when I made the statement about answering a question as a real expert and not a pseudo-expert, that crack was NOT targeted at my debating partner, but rather myself -- the previous question or two had covered areas where I felt uneasy making authoritative statements.

posted by Dan on 07.26.04 at 06:12 PM


keep in mind the more your drink when doing such the more accidently prophetic you sound to yourself. whatever that means.

posted by: jason on 07.26.04 at 06:12 PM [permalink]

You haven't been drinking, have you, Jason?


posted by: Bithead on 07.26.04 at 06:12 PM [permalink]

By the fourth round Carter's speech will start to make sense.

posted by: TarBender on 07.26.04 at 06:12 PM [permalink]

I was one of the standers in the back at Schuba's, though I had something to lean on, unlike most.

Yeah, when you made the expert comment (though I thought you called it "fake expertise"), I saw the other debater look incredibly offended for a couple of seconds, and there were a couple of gasps. I figured that it was 95% likely that you were being self-effacing, with only a slight chance of you being a total dink. Glad to hear I guessed right.

posted by: jlw on 07.26.04 at 06:12 PM [permalink]

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