Friday, July 30, 2004

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Forget Kerry -- this is serious!!

The Associated Press reports the Miss America pageant is making some changes:

The Miss America pageant is pulling the plug on its talent competition, eliminating the amateurish two-minute routines that have come to feature cheesy stunts such as tractor driving and trampoline jumping....

The talent routines, introduced in 1935 to help make Miss America something more than a beauty contest, became mandatory in 1938 and have been ever since. But the routines -- sometimes spectacular, more often not -- have generally turned off viewers.

Most typical were the baton twirlers, opera singers and piano players. But through the years, contestants have ridden horses on stage, stomped on broken glass, jumped on trampolines or driven tractors.

The talent routines once accounted for 40 percent of a contestant's score; they were 20 percent by last year. The routines will still be included in the three nights of preliminary competition leading up to the televised Saturday night crowning.

The casual wear, swimsuit and evening wear elements of the contest, which last year counted for 10 percent of a contestant's score, will each count for 20 percent this year, McMaster said.

Tractor driving? I'm going to miss tractor driving?

Well, there's always the Mrs. America pageant -- which is just a convenient way for me to link to Emily Yoffe's amusing account of how she won the Mrs. Washington, D.C. pageant.

posted by Dan on 07.30.04 at 10:50 AM


Tractor driving? I'm going to miss tractor driving?

Are you behind the tractor?

posted by: Bithead on 07.30.04 at 10:50 AM [permalink]

Thank God for the tractor driving and firey batons. Without that kind of entertainment you would have 52 very serious commentaries on World Peace. 'I just hope that all the countries in the World will come together (deep breath) for education and women's rights and (pause)shouldn't we all grow more flowers to stop global warming? I would dedicate my year as Miss "A" to bring all nations together in peace.'
There are not enough emesis bags in the universe...
We may not be off the hook entirely. The referenced article accounts for only 60% of the total score. My advice, you must understand I quit watching the pageant years ago, is to have the remote control in hand.

posted by: Joltman on 07.30.04 at 10:50 AM [permalink]

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