Friday, July 30, 2004

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The perils of a good trailer

Surfing around the web, I stumbled across this Heather Havrilesky interview with actor Zach Braff in Salon. Braff stars in Scrubs, which is currently the funniest (non-animated) show on network television, (admittedly not a difficult bar to reach).

The interview was about Braff's directorial debut, Garden State, opens today. At one point, they discussed the trailer of the move, and Braff said it was a big Internet hit:

We didn't imagine that the trailer would become the hit on the Internet that it has. At IMDb there's like this theory: People are like, "Yeah, I'm a 'Garden State' teaser-holic, I've watched it 30 times today."

We here at pride ourselves on being up on this "Internet" trend, and felt chagrined at not having seen the online trailer. So we checked it out.

The result? I've only checked it out only ten times in the past 24 hours, thank you very much -- but' it's still pretty damn hypnotic. It's as much a video for the Frou Frou song "Let Go" as it is a movie trailer, but I can't get the song out of my head -- in a good, not-going-crazy kind of way. Plus, it doesn't reveal any crucual plot points, a rare trailer treat.

Of course, this makes me even warier about seeing the actual movie. In my experience, there is often an inverse correlation between good trailers and good movies. The only trailers that ever made me want to see a movie I wouldn't have been interested in anyway have been Throw Momma From the Train, Tim Burton's Planet of The Apes, and The Triplets of Belleville. The last movie was great, but the first two sucked eggs.

Fortunately, Garden State has a stellar cast (Peter Sarsgaard, Natalie Portman, Ian Holm) and has been receiving more promising reviews. Plus, Braff has a blog about the movie that gets more comments than yours truly. So maybe I'll check it out.

Maybe I'll check out that trailer one more time....

posted by Dan on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM


I can't believe you think Scrubs is funnier than King of the Hill.

posted by: John Redcorn on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

OK, I've inserted an appropriate caveat.

posted by: Dan Drezner on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Ever see the trailer for "One Night at McCool's"? It was pure gold. But a terrible movie.

posted by: Aaron on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

I'm seeing it tonight. I'll report tomorrow.

(Not that you should trust me.)

posted by: Spencer on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

At Sundance this year, Garden State was a huge hit. I couldn't get in, but heard great things about it. I'm really looking forward to it's full release.

posted by: maniloff on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

That caveat is not enough: ever seen Arrested Development? I admit, Scrubs is pretty damn hilarious, but Arrested Development beats even that, by a wide margin.

posted by: NHDem on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]


if you want to stay hip check out what the kids are watching. (i heard recently a group of teenagers choose this over the moral lessons in fat albert)

the movie looks great, it has some amazing shots in it, and i like the website.

posted by: cube on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Yow. Awesome trailer.

And it's:

1. Arrested Development
2. Scrubs
3. Lots of other stuff
4. King of the Hill

KOH is funny, but not REALLY funny. Scrubs is better than ever recently, but can't touch Arrested Development.

posted by: Uncle Mikey on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

I can't believe you didn't include the obligatory photo of the hotness that is Natalie Portman.

posted by: fling93 on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

I'm going to have to second fling -- I'm outraged that there is no obligatory natalie pic to oggle at. Outraged!

posted by: Jor on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Incredible trailer - just beautiful. Thanks for the heads up!

posted by: JC on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Rather than the Frou Frou song, I would recommend the regular trailer rather than the teaser trailer purely because of The Postal Service.

posted by: James Corcoran on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]



Gotta go watch it again.

I'm hooked.


posted by: SteveMG on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

It's a great trailer.

But where's the balloons? Where's the f***ing balloons?


Sorry, too easy but I had to do it.

posted by: SteveMG on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

It's crack!

posted by: Carleton on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]


A great trailer was the one for The Phantom Menace. Much better than the movie.

posted by: Norman Pfyster on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Well, having watched the movie last night, I can pretty confidently recommend it. It's strange & funny. And, more surprisingly, Braff seems to have a fully-formed visual/imagistic language -- one that captures a kind of suburban surreality that's a welcome respite to the dour moralizing of, say, American Beauty & Happiness. Too, Braff's script is confident enough to use quiet, pauses, & elispses. A rarity in a such a young filmmaker.

And Natalie Portman is very sweet, very funny, & very hot.

posted by: Spencer on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Insert "from" for "to" in there somewhere.

posted by: Spencer on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

I second Spencer, see this movie.

I saw a preview of it a few weeks back and loved it. Zach Braff was there and talked to the audience about the movie afterwards. He said a lot of characters and events in the movie came from growing up in New Jersey. The flaming arrows? Well, his friend did the same thing without fire.

posted by: Nathan Hamm on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]


You didn't like Throw Momma From the Train??


posted by: Russell Wardlow on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

I'm submitting a "me too" about Arrested Development.

Can you believe that Fox cancelled it?

posted by: The Liberal Avenger on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Another type of show, but also very funny and worth checking out is Best Week Ever on VH1.

posted by: The Liberal Avenger on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

Liberal Avenger -- Miracle of miracles, Fox did *not* cancel Arrested Development. It's in reruns this summer, just after the Simpsons, which will also be its timeslot for the new season in the fall. Also, 1st season on DVD in October.

posted by: Mark on 07.30.04 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

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