Friday, September 10, 2004

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So you want to be a poli sci graduate student....

Hey you, reading this blog? Are you curious about pursuing a career in the up-and-coming field of political science? Do you wonder what it would be like to be a graduate student in this highly marginally lucrative field?

I will repress my first instinct to suggest that you seek professional help and instead suggest that you listen into Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg this evening. Here's the description of tonight's program (which starts at 9 PM Central time:

Tonight on the program, we go inside the ivory tower with three graduate students from the University of Chicago. Not only do today’s graduate students work on their dissertations and prepare for careers as researchers and professors, they also have nuanced views of the world that are a window into today’s younger generations. Joining Extension 720 to discuss their political views, the current state of academia, and the life of a graduate student today will be HEATHER WILHELM, JOHN SCHUESSLER and EMILY NACOL.

I know all three of these students, and have taught two of them. They're all whip smart -- so I'll be listening in.

Click here to listen online.

posted by Dan on 09.10.04 at 02:57 PM


Blah, blah, blah from the ivory towers and esoterica.

May not be able to have anything to do with any of you in your ivory towers any more. You people have ruined the country and are still going on ......

Anyone out there who deals in the real world?
And who cares to do some things real world to turn some things in this country around and thinks and acts -- as Smart Independents (for lack of a better term)? Keep in touch or request my email address.

posted by: Alex on 09.10.04 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

*If* you can handle the math, don't become a poli-sci graduate student--become an economics graduate student instead! You can do everything a poli-sci graduate student can do, but your dissertation is shorter (and thus easier to write). And your lifetime income is higher because of the upward market pressure exerted on your academic wages by competition from business schools, international financial institutions, and other high-paying career options!

posted by: Brad DeLong on 09.10.04 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

The only problem with being an economics grad student is that you are forced to wear a bow tie for the rest of your life. If you are Pol Sci grad student, you have your option of either shaving off all your hair or wearing growing a goatee.

posted by: Joel on 09.10.04 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

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