Thursday, September 30, 2004

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Erratic blogging ahead

I'm typing this within spitting distance of Harvard University -- I'm here for a conference on offshore outsourcing sponsored by the Harvard Law School's Labor & Worklife Program. There are going to be a lot of WashTech and AFL-CIO representatives here -- I'm sure I'll be very popular. Anyway, blogging will be light -- though I promise to post my post-debate thoughts.

My primary goal these next two days -- avoiding that darn plagiarism bug that seems endemic to this place. The rash of plagiarism has even generated its own anonymous blog.

One quasi-serious thought about this: bloggers are probably extra-sensitive to this kind of ethical infraction, because one could argue that citations in the blogosphere usually go beyond what exists in academia. A common norm in blogging is to cite the blog that connects one to an original document -- e.g., "ooh, look at this interesting Washington Post story (link via Belgravia Dispatch)." However, very few footnotes in academia go so far as to say who tipped them off to the cited source. There are exceptions (thanking a colleague for pointing out the piece, or attribution when an embedded quote is lifted without checking the original source), but they're very rare.

posted by Dan on 09.30.04 at 11:51 AM


Well, I just happened to find this via a link tha tdid give you credit! Nice blog. I figure the blog world is like chatting around a global water cooler. Let the reader beware!

Good job.

posted by: muckdog on 09.30.04 at 11:51 AM [permalink]

So go ahead - spit! ;)

posted by: Don on 09.30.04 at 11:51 AM [permalink]

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