Thursday, November 11, 2004

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More Friday baby blogging -- on Thursday


Provide the thought bubble behind Lauren's expression.

(Many thanks to Pam D. for the photo).

posted by Dan on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM


"Sure, being the first test pilot of the baby sling-shot is an honor, but I still have my reservations."

posted by: Henry on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Drezner."

posted by: Zathras on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"Little does he know, I could kill him with my bare hands..."

posted by: Scotty B on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"Now this is what I call a swing state!"

posted by: brent on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"I think I've just outsourced something to my diaper"

posted by: PG on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

Arafat? Arafat?

Who you callin' fat?

Come closer so I can kick ya'.

posted by: David on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

This purported "baby blogging" photo actually carries a hidden message, encrypted in the top center section of the frame.

posted by: Tony on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"Daddy, can you read me the Mearsheimer bedtime story where Goldilocks, the mama bear and the baby bear gang up on the papa bear and take his porridge ?"

posted by: fingerowner on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"I TOLD you you should have voted for Bush!"

posted by: W on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

Awww cute....where do the batteries go.

posted by: James on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"What the crap is daddy doing again?"

posted by: Jim Dandy on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

Yes, Yes, the continuum transfuctioner is finally complete... My small stature shall no longer hinder my plans...Global Domination... Enslave the human race...

posted by: matteo on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

Uh-oh...Daddy's got that " Blogging" look on his face

posted by: mark safranski on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"Gnat Lileks, eat your heart out."

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

Daddy, market failure in my diaper! Where's the so-called invisible hand?

posted by: GroupCnotAorB on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

“Daddy, daddy, I’ve endeavored to take a quick look-see at the recent election results and I believe I can state with 90% certainty that we are in the midst of a Maoist revolution. The culture of failure and despair is imposing its political will on the culture of wealth creation.”

State Income Rank

Connecticut 38,450 1
New Jersey 35,521 2
Massachusetts 35,333 3
Maryland 32,680 4
New York 32,451 5
New Hampshire 30,912 6
Minnesota 30,675 7
Illinois 30,075 8
* Colorado 29,959 9
California 29,707 10

Kansas 26,237 26
Missouri 26,052 27
Georgia 25,949 28
* Oregon 25,867 29
Texas 25,705 30
Iowa 25,461 31
Indiana 25,425 32
* Maine 24,979 33
North Carolina 24,949 34
Tennessee 24,913 35
North Dakota 24,293 36
South Dakota 24,214 37
Arizona 23,573 38
Kentucky 23,030 39
Oklahoma 23,026 40
Louisiana 22,910 41
South Carolina 22,868 42
Alabama 22,624 43
Idaho 22,560 44
Montana 22,526 45
Utah 21,883 46
New Mexico 21,555 47
West Virginia 21,327 48
Arkansas 21,169 49
Mississippi 20,142 50

“Daddy, if this trend continues it could even start to affect important things like sports. Just think, pretty soon entry into the MLB playoffs will be based on having the division’s worst record, and it will be the playoff losers who go on to the World Series.”

posted by: EuroLad on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"I don't care what Kissinger said about geo-political strategic concerns and the China initiative, I just want my bottle."

posted by: tom E on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

Maybe if I start crying, it'll help him get tenure...

posted by: dave on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

ANOTHER Sabbath Gasbag talk show? You promised we'd watch something more Tommy Tank Engine.

posted by: Quaker in a Basement on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

Tell my parents to chill with the alphabet letters, I really don't want to be John Stuart Mill II.

posted by: gene on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"Please stop talking about game theory."

posted by: Michael on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"It's bad enough when he gawks over my photograph to the neighbours."

posted by: Lewis Maskell on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

One day, I too will be an elite blogger!

posted by: franklyn a on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

I think Daddy doesn't blog enough...I guess I could be content for his blog.

posted by: austin mls on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"If I gotta smile for one more picture I'm gonna shit my pants!"

posted by: mitch on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

What's her blog's URL?

posted by: Zach on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

"God, I could use a cigarette about now."

posted by: Chuck on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

And this is entertaining? Jammies bunched up around my .... and this is entertaining? I mess my diaper and have to sit in it and this is entertaining? And these "THINGS" in front of me, big plastic blobs and I have no idea what they resembele and this is entertaining? Hey Mom! Can I have my nap now?

posted by: GMROPER on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

let's do lunch

posted by: aunt robin on 11.11.04 at 02:06 PM [permalink]

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