Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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Oh, yes, there are costs to blogging

This week's blog casualties:

1) A Delta flight attendant was fired for posting mildly risqué photos of herself in her Delta uniform on her blog.

2) An NBA owner was fined for making disparaging comments about the NBA on his blog.

Not quite as bad as the Iranians, of course.

posted by Dan on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM


I think "mildly risque" might even be putting it strongly. And the shot of her eating the slice of pizza doesn't exactly represent my stewardess fantasy.

But that's just me.

posted by: BigMatt on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

Dan, if you're thinking about posting mildly risque fotos of yourself, I beg you, stick to Salma Hayek... it'll save your job and keep your readers content.

posted by: fingerowner on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

Speaking of Salma Hayek, where's the movie reivew? Or
are you not getting any babysitting yet?

posted by: matt on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

What a gyp.

I am *so* not titilated.

posted by: Cynical Nation on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

The shot with the pizza kinda turned me on.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

Yeah, the pizza shot did me for the day. She'll get spinach between her teeth for sure.

But these are hardly costs specific to blogging (?). Doesn't it help validate the argument that blogs are just another medium, to be indiscriminately abused?

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

I have to disagree. I felt a little stirring in the loins. Here you have a real woman, some would say zaftig, and that means fertility.

posted by: stari_momak on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

"Zaftig"? You must be Jewish. Fine with me, don't get me wrong. The pictures don't do it for me, but she does have nice legs. May I suggest a less suggestive follow-up? (by the young lady, not by Dan)

posted by: NoAcademic on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

Her post-termination photos of the new Delta flight attendant uniforms are pretty funny, 'though.

posted by: Dave Schuler on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

Mumble, mumble... cheesecake shots of Drezner, anyone..... mumble, mumble

posted by: Bithead on 11.16.04 at 11:16 PM [permalink]

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