Saturday, November 20, 2004

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A scholarly post

Google released their scholarly search page recently -- Eugene Volokh has a profane review. I'm still kicking the search page's tires.

Another useful site for scholars is ResourceShelf's DocuTicker -- a blog that started up about six months ago and is devoted solely to linking to recent government and think tank research (thanks to A.S. for the link). In fact, on their main site, Rita Vine provides a librarian's assessment of Google's new search feature.

Finally, Eszter Hargittai has a post "challeng[ing] the position of dismissing blogging as relevant scholarship altogether." As one of the people Eszter is challenging, I'm going to digest her post before proffering a full response. But. as with anything Eszter writes, it's well worth reading.

posted by Dan on 11.20.04 at 12:03 AM


I like it.

It just needs a couple things.

1. A visual indication of which items cost $
2. A persistent configurable option to ignore certain types of content (paid content, books, citation-only items)

posted by: Jon H on 11.20.04 at 12:03 AM [permalink]

Journal and even newspaper articles demonstrate external validation.

posted by: John Swain on 11.20.04 at 12:03 AM [permalink]

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