Monday, November 29, 2004

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It was either Secretary of Commerce or the new face of Avon

I don't have much to say about President Bush's announement that he intended to nominate Kellogg chairman Carlos M. Gutierrez as the new Commerce Secretary, beyond the observation that this is Bush's first post-election selection that did not spend the first term in the White House.

However, this sentence in Washington Post writer William Branigin's story about the appointment did leap out at me: "Latino Leaders magazine named Gutierrez as one of the nation's 10 most-admired Latinos last year (others included actress Salma Hayek, singer Julio Iglesias and baseball player Sammy Sosa)." (emphasis added)

The staff here at, ever eager for gratuitous references to Salma Hayek, applaud Mr. Branigin for finding a completely gratuitous excuse for mentioning the lovely and talented Ms. Hayek -- who, incidentally, recently became a spokesperson for Avon products:


Hat tip to Baseball Crank.

posted by Dan on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM


You have great taste their my friend.

posted by: HispanicPundit on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]


I see she's supposed to be on A&E this week for that interview program... I forget the name... I was jkinda busy when it went by. Let you know if I see it again, or perhaps someone else saw it too?

posted by: BitsBlog on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

Personally I've never seen the attraction of Ms Hayek. Granted, she has fantastic cleavage, but her face... it's got something harsh about it. Something square that somehow fits ill with femininity. At any rate, if you like Ms Hayek, go and see her new movie, 'After the sunset', currently in theaters. It has a great, great extended shot of her chest. I'm sure your wife wouldn't mind seeing Pierce Brosnan, her co-star. Oh, the movie is enjoyable. Light and not quite as predictable as you might think.

posted by: NoAcademic on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

Gutierrez clearly got the short end of the stick.

Besides, I'm sure Hayek's job pays better.

posted by: mls on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]


No other word fits.

posted by: Lex on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

Dan; it's wasn't A&E... it was Bravo, "Inside the Actor's Studio".

She's supposed to be on, on the 5th of December.

posted by: Bithead on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

I actually didn't really like After the Sunset much, except for the parts where we got to enjoy watching Ms. Hayek. I mean, the woman looks incredibly sexy while she's building a deck! Watching her work that power saw....mmmmmm.

posted by: Devin McCullen on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

Yeah, well, that's what John Wayne Bobbit said, Devin...

posted by: Bithead on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

In the NVDA pit on the PHLX options floor there was once a shrine to her. It was based on the orange dress she wore published in the New York Post. But if you need to start a shrine yourself find a back copy of Vogue in 03 where she models the classic black dress

posted by: Robert M on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]


You can now put your money where you mouth is:

Among the shades offered by Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Limited-Edition Celebrity Crusade Nailwear Nail Enamel there is an irresistible Salma Hayek - Salma's Hope (Sheer French Pink).

It'll undoubtedly look good on your or a member of your family, plus you'll contribute to a worthy cause.

posted by: Ivan B Zhabin on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

One big problem with that list - Salma Hayek, though from Mexico, is not an ethnic Latina. She is of Middle Eastern descent, Lebanese I believe.

posted by: Moqui on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

She bummed two smokes off my wife in a Santa Fe bar a few months back.

We said about half a dozen words to each other about tequila. She likes Chamuco.

I've been waiting since then for Dan to post something about her so I'd have an excuse to tell this story.

Ever seen her deleted scene from Dogma?

posted by: bg on 11.29.04 at 08:41 PM [permalink]

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