Friday, December 3, 2004

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It's the 2004 Weblog Awards!!

I urge any and all readers to click over to the 2004 Weblog Awards and vote among the myriad categories. Unbeknownst to me -- thanks to R.H. for the link -- I see that I'm nominated for "Best of the Top 100 Blogs".

So... vote for me, dammit!! I've never won one of these awards, and if at all possible I'd like to avoid becoming the Harold Stassen of the blogosphere. And, looking at the voting to date, I appear to be getting my ass kicked. UPDATE: Ah, now I see why I'm getting my ass kicked -- Megan McArdle is playing dirty -- really, really dirty.

Logicians among the readership are invited to reconcile the conundrum of how the Best of the Top 100 Blogs would not therefore better than the Best Overall Blog -- since all of them are Top 100 blogs.

posted by Dan on 12.03.04 at 05:54 PM


Too late, I already voted...

...for you (despite Jane Galt's tearful pleading). She's still kicking yer butt, though.

And as I said there, how can anyone take this contest seriously if Marginal Revolution isn't even listed anywhere?

posted by: fling93 on 12.03.04 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

haha! Yeah, she's cheating! PS. I voted for you Dan. :)

posted by: Mark on 12.03.04 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

I would reconcile your conundrum thusly: Blogs are determined "Top 100" etc not by quality, but by number of hits, popularity, etc. Ergo an excellent blog, 300th in hits per day, might actually be a higher quality blog than the most popular overall, yet appeal to smaller audiences for any number of factors. Then again, I could be wrong, and the purveyors of the survey determined "Top 100" and so forth in their own way.

posted by: Ivan on 12.03.04 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

Dan, in case you didn't catch it, David Brooks of the NYT during some conference at the Newseum broadcast on CSPAN last night mentioned your blog as one of the blogs he reads every day. That's worth a prize or something.

posted by: anne on 12.03.04 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

I voted for you, Dan. It did kind of look as if they should have called the category "Best 11-109 Blogs." The way the poll is structured leaves the impression that Instapundit et. al. have gotten so big as to become something otherblogly, practically mainstream media.

posted by: Zathras on 12.03.04 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

Forget tears for votes. Can you promise more Selma in every pot?

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 12.03.04 at 05:54 PM [permalink]

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