Tuesday, December 7, 2004

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For the record...

I have not now nor ever have been a member of the Mandinka tribe of Gambia -- but I do have great respect for their theological beliefs.

[Hat tip to M.M. for the pointer]

For more... er... authoritative information about the Mandinka, click here and here.

posted by Dan on 12.07.04 at 10:01 AM


"Sweater puppets"?

Can we invade Gambia next?

posted by: Anderson on 12.07.04 at 10:01 AM [permalink]

Had I known this article would make such a sweeping impact on the blogosphere...

posted by: candy girl on 12.07.04 at 10:01 AM [permalink]

Most sensible creed I've heard of in a long time.

posted by: JSF on 12.07.04 at 10:01 AM [permalink]

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